Depth Chart week 5....On offence D.Stala and O.Jones return to the receiving corp,MacKay goes on p.r. O.L. sees Figuero off I.L,Husband goes to 1gm. I.L. Congi back on for kicking duties.

On defence...D.L. remains the same,LB have Isaac and Rossamonda on E.Harris goes on 1gm.I.L. ,D.B. Breaux back off I.L.
Davis starts at corner,Brown moves inside,Stephen starts at Safety, McCollough goes on 1gm. I.L. Hinds back on roster from p.r. Looks like for the 3rd game in a row our starters on D will be mostly all rookies increasing to 9 starters from 7 last game,6 the game before that. 46 has 3 q.b/21 can./22 amer. meaning 4-man reserve will consist of 1 cdn and 3 imp.
My guess is that reserves will be DE-Boudreaux,LB-Rossamanda,OT-Figuero for imp. and either DB's Bucknor or Hinds for cdn.

Also looks like all three R.B.'s will be dressed for game,possibly Walker being odd man out and healthy scratch,Gable looks to be starter....The shuffling continues yet again!!! lets hope that eventually the roster will slowly start stabilizing and the coaches figure who's who and where's where position wise on this team.

Who's on first.....What's on second.....I don't know - 3rd base....

Seems like Abbott and Costello all over again. :roll:

According to the depth chart Stephen King will be at safety tomorrow. :wink:

That's a bit frightening.

Given all the injuries, a good nickname for our team so far could be Skeleton Crew. :wink:

My guess for the 4-man reserve is Walker, Figueroa, Boudreaux, and Bucknor.

Programs! Programs! get your programs!, can't tell the team without one. New program at the half, get your programs!

I have always shown the faith. The last 7-8 years have been entertaining but tough on the win-loss column.
Tough since Desjardin was the GM....remember him??
I didn't care. I always supported the team.
Anyway I must say this season so far has been the BIGGEST cluster BEEP I have ever seen.
Does this current group of management and coaches have a clue?
I hope they are not looking at this season as a rebuild when our best player is 37 year old QB Hank.
Heading to Guelph on Saturday with an open mind.
A result like last week and questionable management decisions like I have seen in the last week and I am bailing on this group,
Last week was unwatchable and a similar effort this week and I will tune out for the season.
A CFL team that rushes for what, 6 yards from their RB...come on.
Sitting Congi?
Using a receiving core off the scrap heap.
Swiss cheese for defense
This team is in danger of reaching lows they have never seen.
I hope not and will be 50 yard line on Saturday. But like I say, another egg and I will not be spending any more time following my team. For the 1st time in 35 years.

8) Hank is now 38 !! His birthday was June 4.

"A bit frightening?"
Stephen King is another horror story, guaranteed!

In the first four weeks of the season,the CATS have dressed an astounding 63 players total,already this season,with 42 different players starting at various positons.Good thing we have 76 odd players on the roster!! With 13 more games to go(not including today’s game),we could easily hit 100+ players coming and going by years end,wonder what the league record is for most players used in a season by any one team? Talk about lack of continuity…this is getting down right ridiculous!!!

Not even counting active players changing depth chart positions this week -- at minimum Brown, Stephen & Bussey -- the change in Cats' personal, 9 of 46, is 300% of the Riders' changes.

If my calculations are correct only 5 games in so far in the season,and we've had only 22 players dress for every game,thats 41 different players suiting up for a minimum of at least 1 game played.A revolving door??? seems like it's been spinning at warp speed!!!!

There has been alot of player changes, but,
A crazy injury list has piled up on top of it!