Depth Chart Week 5

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-Thomas is starting at OLB to replace Knowlton who is on the injury list

  • With Thomas moving from HB to OLB, Webb slides over to the vacant HB spot while it appears Craig Ray will get the start at safety
    -In light of Crable being let go Fortin is now on the active roster
    -With Ike Brown and Jean-Mary sidelined with injuries, Alex Joesph has been activated and the Ti-Cats are opting to go with just 6 linebackers (5 really if you exclude Thomas)
    -Hennessey is now listed on the active roster giving the Cats 3 backup olinemen instead of the usual 1 or 2
    -With Grant banged up, Aaron Kelly will likely get a jersey for the first time in 2012 in a special teams/backup role
    -Simon C-C is off the injury list and back on the active roster
    -Darcy Brown is back to being listed as a FB (not that it matters) but is still 2nd string behind Stephenson

My guess for 4man reserve: Cobourne, Baillargeon, Fortin and Simon C-C (although not to sure about that one, could easily be one of the fullbacks but they are much more useful on ST)

Interesting moves on the defensive side of things. Boy is our ST unit taking a hit with injuries. I hope Ray has a monster game because I feel like he is a true safety and may be able to do a better job than Webb has been doing.

Hennessey will be on the 4 man reserve. You need two Americans and two Canadians.

Woops my bad. Thanks for the correction.

I find it interesting how Thomas is being moved to LB, leading us to have to make Ray, who not long ago was on the PR, the starting safety. I was thinking that Eiben could start in Knowlton's place, and Thomas could stay in the secondary. Though I understand that Eiben did not impress in week one, and maybe Ray could be better than Webb at safety. How this lineup shuffle on defence goes will be something to watch.

I do see that Jones is taking Grant's place, and I'm not worried about that, as Jones has done well from what I have seen. And I'm fine with Kelly backing him up.

And I believe that D. Brown will be scratched rather than Charbonneau-Campeau, even though Brown did block a punt and recover it last week. I'm quite sure Brown was scratched in BC two weeks ago, and SCC got injured during that game.