Depth chart just released,some interesting changes as usual.Dile moves in at tackle,Oneill back to b.u.status,Hilton at wr. starts,after just being re-signed(Gant 1gm il list).Biggest suprise on Offence is that McNight on 46(carrying 3 kickers on active).For 4th straight game,yet another new SAM,as Rico Murray off pr starts,Parks back on roster but in b.u. role.Stephen gets 1rst start of year,replacing Breaux(1 gm il list).Harris moves from SAM to safety replacing Patrick,Scott not dressed on dl.
Hinds and Beaullieu demoted to pr. 46 man=3 qb,22 canadians,21 americans,meaning 4 reserve is 2 can,2amer. Don't really have a clue at this time who the 4 will be!!!! Stay Tuned for updates!!! :wink: :roll:

Hinds was demoted prior to last game. Sam Scott is the one demoted this week along with Beaulieu-Richard.

Hinds was on 1 gm il last week,now on pr. this week! seems someone might be in the Austin Doghouse!! Started game 1,game 2 back-up,game 3 i.l.,game 4 practice,game 5 ???.

I stand corrected on Hinds and note that there are actually four (Beaulieu-Richard, Hinds, Scott & Rockhill) who were paid in full for Game 3, now on PR contracts.

so Hilton starts as many figured and Harris does indeed get moved to the secondary but to safety and not corner. Murray comes off the PR but to LB and not corner. Stephen gets his first start at corner and so they use the extra spot for an import on the oline moving dile in for oneil. We lose height and weight at lb with Murray instead of Harris but do we gain speed? We get a taller and bigger safety but lose experience. Weve been horrible at protecting burris and opening holes for the run game...weve been horrible at stopping the run and our secondary has been victimized quite a bit and were obviously not healthy so its hard to argue about the changes. I would of liked to see Harris at corner like I mentioned earlier...both corners would of been 6'3" and I can't remember the last time we had that kind of size at both corners. Im hoping though that Harris can be that hard hitting safety with a nose for the ball that we've been lacking since hitchcock.

Regardless, I can't wait for this team to get healthy. It will be nice to see what this team looks like when the shuffling of the deck stops and everyone can settle into their roles and this team can gel as a unit. Until that happens, it will be important to stay close in the least this is happening at the beginning of the season and not down the stretch.

Interesting to see McKnight on the 46 man.. Perhaps he'll be taking kickoffs? Luca hasn't even great on them.. Or field goals for that matter. Interesting to see how it plays out.

4-man reserve list will probably be DE Boudreaux, LB Parks, CB Bucknor and PK McKnight.

I think it’s more likely Husband, Congi, Parks and Patrick (or Boudreaux).

I agree. Especially after this tweet:

[b]Drew Edwards?@scratchingpost [/b] #Ticats will go with Brody McKnight at kicker against the #Riders, replacing Luca Congi, who was 6-for-10 this season. #CFL

Hmmmm!!! Looks like Congi is out,in favour of McNight(BIGCAT will be happy),wonder if its performance related or maybe Congi is tweaked up a bit ? Interesting indeed,my guess for the 4 man res. would be Congi,Boudreaux,Parks,Husband....all though with the way things are being shuffled all season game in and game out,who really knows anymore

Interesting to note that last game,we had 6 rooks start on defence,with 5 additional rooks as back-ups on D.This game it's looking like 7 rooks starting on D.(NORWOOD,MARSHALL--DL,MURRAY--LB,HOBBS,BROWN,HARRIS,STEPHEN--DB),4 rooks as back-ups(HAZIME--DL,PLESIUS,BUSSEY--LB,KING--DB).I can't recall,outside of an expansion team,a time when a team had so many raw rookies all starting at once.Lets hope #25 @ #28 can show this kiddie corp. leadership,and keep them all focused on the task at hand!! :rockin: many changes AGAIN!

Giguere back to WR, rookies allover, and new ones to boot, Ones that weren't here during camp or that saw all of camp or the beginning of season.

I'm a little surprised

This smacks of desperation.

I wouldn’t worry too much about how the depth chart looks when its slotting in receivers. I’m sure you’ll see all of them move around from the stationary receiver spot to the interior spots fairly regularly with the exception of Ellingson always as a SB inside to the field side and McKay as the Z spot out wide on the field side hashes. Giguere will get his time, if not a majority, at slot. Hilton is the short/boundary side stationary WR primarily.