Depth Chart vs. Winnipeg

Less than 24 hours to game time, and there appears to be no depth chart in sight.

Anyone seen one? (if so ... where?)

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Yes, both the Tiger-Cats and Blue Bombers depth charts are available on Tiger-Cats site.


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The total of four players listed at the RB slot would seem to indicate that RB will be a platoon effort and players will be rotated at RB.


Having taken a quick look at the depth chart for tonight's game, the one thing that jumps out at me (besides some key names on the 1 Game injured list) is the fact that we enter this stadium with only a single backup O-Lineman with shoulder pads & a helmet !! This seems like a huge risk to me.
What happens if 2 O-Linemen suffer some sort of physical injury ??
If a single O-Lineman has to leave the game, we are a sprained ankle or even a poke in the eye away from desperation on the O-Line. This is very unconventional, but I am assuming there is some sort of plan for that situation. :pleading_face:
Our Long Snapper is probably a former O-Lineman, but he is severely undersized, so I don't think that is a viable backup plan.

You have a valid point there . Consider the QB position as well . We should cross our fingers and hope for the best .

Pat Lynch (the older dude)

Speaking of Long Snappers and lack of depth , our other LS Tom Schnitzler due to all the injuries was taken off the PR and has been activated for this game . The problem though is he is on the depth chart listed as a back-up DT .

Another area of concern is that our only back-up receiver for this game is another raw rookie fresh off the PR in Tyler Ternowski .
So basically if any of our 4 American starting receivers go down in this one due to injury we could be in a world of hurt and in total scramble mode .

For those interested, the Depth Charts posted today on the Team website are WAY more printer friendly.

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Oh boy.
I looked at last years depth charts, we always dressed two back-up O-linemen in 2019. I am sure the coaches are aware of this .I wonder what the plan "B" would be in case of a disaster. First time in 620 days with full contact , full speed, I am sure there will be injuries tonight for both teams.

Should they need an emergency guy on the OL, they would simply sub in a DT. The DT's are the only other players of similar size.

They could also play Kalinic at REC (both he and whoever the RB is at the time, would not usually be on the field at the same time - they have listed 13 starters on Offence). At 6' 5" and 255 pounds, he could be an emergency tackle replacement if two starters go down.

I suppose now that I look closer at it another option could be to swing STE out to the slot or wide and go with Irons in the backfield backed up by Bennett if need be due to injuries .


While I suspect you are 100% correct, I just want to point out the obvious:
This scenario would be a complete and utter disaster !

It appears that until Chris VanZeyl is able to return to the field, the 'Cats will remain very thin along the O-Line (I am not referring to the stature of the linemen!!)

No way he's actually still 255. He has slimmed down a lot to get in receiver shape. and most players still list as the same weight as the first year they signed. He would be tossed around like a doll if he was right on the line.

The emergency sub wouldn't go to a tackle position, where the line is most vulnerable. They would be at guard where there is less risk and responsibility.

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Once again, your assumption may be correct, but . . .
I don't believe you are giving enough credit to the physical skills & techniques, not to mention the mental aspects involved in playing OG at the professional level . . . Coach Gibson is getting paid for a reason.
It is quite common to have defensive linemen participate in FG or punting units, but playing on the line while executing offensive plays is a whole different animal. I will leave it at that.

Let's just hope that the 'Cats get away with this premeditated "gamble" tonight.

In filling out the roster, our coaches have clearly prioritized special teams performance over a balanced set of backups for each position group. Given that it is one-third of the game, it's hard to argue. Although I also tend to get nervous when I see us looking so thin in areas like OL and DB.

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I have nothing but respect for guards, but the fact is that position requires the least athletic ability and smarts compared to OT and C.

Actually, I've noticed that most, if not all, the players on punt teams are sized like DBs or LBs. I believe the jumbo team is usually reserved for FGs which is why it seems easier for a missed FG (unlike a punt) to be returned a long distance.

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That is a factor on FG return but the main reason is that you never coffin corner a FG, if you miss it's in the middle of the field and the cover team has to cover 65 yards wide.