Depth Chart vs. Saskatchewan

Dressing only 2 QBs. Woods "returns." Ciante Evans is early off the 6-game to start at field corner. Godwin & Johnson among the receivers and Wilcots will play.

iantr Evans

Any idea who will be the healthy scratches?

Hopefully big Ted can play full 60 mins since he’s the only NT

Don Jackson and people who are not listed. Don’t have full list in front of me this very second

Over-under on percentage of all passing targets that go to Tim White?

I'm thinking 45%.

Are you thinking back, a year or two, when CFL teams listed 45 or 46 players on depth charts, the day prior to games, and then "scratched" one, an hour before game time?
That practice is gone this season and, unless something unforeseen happens, the 45 players on today's depth chart will dress tomorrow.

Yes, I was referring to that. IIRC, that was in effect last season too.
I wasn't aware that things have changed - thank you for the info. You would think that it would be a good thing to have (I believe the player recieved a full game cheque) if htere happens to be an injury/illness on game-day.

What are you thinking on Durant catching more than one pass? :thinking:

Here's the better chart, with the updated, and broken down, roster:

Slightly less than 45% chance.

Ungerer's 6 catches in the last game were not enough to earn him the start.

Actually Diallo can play both NT and three technique.

That is depth chart by contract value

I'm thinking more along the lines of us playing one man short with Durant back in the lineup . How do yo spell useless ? Answer : D-u-r-a-n-t .

Hmmmm....and I always thought it was spelled P-a-p-i.

I think K.smith TT and white will be our top 3 rec tomorrow white smith and TT in that order

for bobo (click on it)

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No it's Durant . At least Papi has been somewhat semi productive for us this year although I highly doubt that he would be a starter on any other team in the league. Meanwhile Durant has been absolutely a waste of a roster spot whenever he has dressed this season . There is absolutely no reason that he should be on the roster let alone starting ahead of Ternowski or Ungerer for that matter .

If there is one area that needs major upgrading next year it is without a doubt our receiving group . Both American and Canadian !

Apparently Dunbar jr. is non-football related

Steven Dunbar Jr. WR Non-football related – – DNP DNP Doubtful

Our Canadian recieving spots are fine. Ternowski and Smith should both be starting or One starts and the other backs up.

Draft Wish list

Dontae Bull- offesive tackle- Fresno State
We need depth badly. I think Saxelid will be a starter at one of the tackle spots next.

Tavius Robinson- defensive end- Ole Miss.
The guy is 6'8 and will allow more depth behind Mason Bennett.

Johnathon Sutherland- strongside linebacker-Penn St.
If Kameron Kelly gets an NFL shot, maybe Nic Cross gets an opportunity to start at SLB. Sutherland will make a good backup and special teams player.

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So if we were to get the 1st pick we could grab a guy like Burt...