Depth Chart vs Saskatchewan

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This one could be easier to read :eyes:

And Riders

Interesting surpries on the chart:

Autry in for Wynn, with Laurent as his back-up, on defence. Mauldin, now on the 1-Game List with a hamstring injury, which occurred last game, is replaced, as a back-up, by Carney, and Gnahoua is also in as a back-up, but I expect he'll be named the Reserve, tomorrow. Frey comes off the Injured List and goes to the P.R. where Schnitzler was moved to, earlier in the week. Wynn is on the 1-Game List with a calf injury, sustained in the Winnipeg game.

On offence, Van Zeyl is good to go at RT, with Okafor shifting to LT, leaving Tate out. Yarbrough starts, ahead of Gibbon at RG. And, the 2 Whites, Tim and Papi, are in for receivers Tucker and Marshall. Tucker's on the 1-Game Injured List (foot), as are Irons (hamstring) and Tate (?), while Marshall's on the P.R. Hills (?), the Reserve in Game 1, is now on the 1-Game Injured List, too.

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For those wondering about Addison


That may answer the question of how well the coaches thought new starters Tate and Gibbon played last week.

The new receivers are, unfortunately, inconsequential when they don't get very many targets anyway. I thought Marshall fought hard for yards last week when he did get the ball.

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Don’t know if it was Condell’s schemes, receivers not getting open, or Masoli’s inability to find them, but Cats definitely need to spread the ball around. Improved running game would also help take pressure off pass rush and pass coverage.

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It has been a long time that the Cats have had a Jon Cornish style good powerful runner. Somebody who routinely rips off 10-12 yards per carry and is guaranteed to give us 100 yard games week after week.

A great running game is a thing of beauty to watch and would open up the offence in so many ways.

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The Riders have a newcomer, Andrew Lauderdale, starting at LT, in his first pro game. He played at U. New Hamphshire through 2016 and has, since then, spent some time on NFL P.R.s. J'Gared should be rarin' to go, with that news.

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Fresh Meat !!!!!
EAT'EM RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gonna guess that his nickname at some point in his career has been "Fort."


The fact that we are starting two new O-Linemen against the Riders, but Thomas -Erlington is still the starting RB, tells me that (unless they are now injured) the O-Linemen that were replaced by the newcomers this week underachieved at opening up running lanes for Thomas-Erlington last week vs Winnipeg.

And the fact that we are starting two new import receivers against the Riders tells me that (unless they are injured) the two receivers who they are replacing didn’t get open enough/help Masoli out enough last week versus Winnipeg.

I think Ungerer would also be swapped out this week for another Canadian receiver (for the same reason) if we had one with more experience than the Ternowski kid we drafted recently who backs up Ungerer (like Marcus Tucker, Ungerer was invisible against Winnipeg, except for a big drop at a bad time).

I’m interested to see how Papi White performs at receiver. He is similar in stature to Speedy B, so I’m assuming that he has some jets.

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I am not familiar with the starting interior D-Linemen (Autry II & Wilson II), but they clearly do not want to be called "Junior". They both have BIG shoes to fill with Teddy Laurent & Dylan Wynn out of the starting lineup. Eddy Wilson II played last week; he will have to play better this week. And Jovan is going to have to buckle up his chin strap & shed some blocks at MLB to improve the RUN D.

On O, starting an Import OG (John Yarbrough) & Chris VanZeyl should improve the right side of the O-Line; hope that translates into an improved running game.
In 1973, the Marshall Tucker band from Spartanburg, South Carolina had a hit song titled "Can't You See".
In 2021, I am going to start a new thread titled, "Can't You See the Marshall Tucker Experiment Is Over ??"

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The receiving firm of White White and Banks could turn this game into a track meet . I'll be watching # 55 Yarbrough at RG to see if the Cats can establish the run game .
On the D , watch for the tackles (Autry , Wilson , and Laurent ) and Santos-Knox MLB to see if they can stop the run . I like our secondary .
I'll be looking for more good things from the special teams coverage and at least one big return from Williams .
Needless to say , I'm predicting a Cat win . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the old person )


Ungerer plays Z. They're called Z for a reason. Have you not noticed over the years that the Z spot is typically where the Canadian receivers start. The Z is pretty much always the least targeted receiver.

Z for zero called plays as the primary target?

There are some plays in every O that are specifically for the Z, but they're not going to call on the least talented receiver most of the time. Just look back in recent history to Mike Jones. Even the year he had 800+ yards, most were deep passes because he was wide open.

The idea is lull the D to sleep on the Z, then spring one on them.

Yes, I think Mike Jones has had more throws in Edmonton than he ever did in Hamilton.