Depth Chart vs. SASK

Bucknor starting at CB...interesting.

Wonder who the fifth receiver will be.

Also wanna pay particular attention to Husband, Dile, Giguere, Eiben and Webb at safety.

Can't wait!

Aside from safety, I actually like that secondary. Though I'm probably alone because I'm the only one on here who thinks Bo Smith is any good.

When it comes to the secondary....I'm from Missouri.

I'm hoping the fact that Bucknor is wearing Garney Henley's #26 is an omen.

Love the shoes!

My bets for the Reserves: Baillargeon, Jones, R. Brown, Knowlton

My guess at the three Americans is Jones, Ray, Knowlton.

It's tough to tell who the Canadian reserve will be because we don't know if Hage is 100%.

I think they are going to sit: Baillargeon, Ray, Knowlton and, here is where it gets tough, either Jones or Ike Brown. Do they want that extra receiver or the back-up linebacker who can play well on special teams? I'm sure you'll see five import defensive linemen dressed.

Notes from the Riders' chart, copied from Rod Pedersen's blog:

On Thursday morning the Roughriders announced their roster for their Week 1 game Friday at Hamilton. Here are some notes:

  • Rookie DT Zack "Sack" Evans of Regina is on the roster backing up Keith Shologan. He'll make his CFL debut.
  • So too will Ben Heenan who starts at right guard. What a whirlwind for the #1 overall pick in this spring's draft out of Grand Coulee, SK. The offensive line back-ups are Patrick Neufeld and Alexander Krausnik-Groh.
  • The returners are listed as Sinorice Moss, Tristan Jackson and Brandon West
  • Rookie Saskatonian Graig Newman is on the roster as a linebacker backing up Tyron Brackenridge. Therefore he's another Saskatchewan kid making his CFL debut.
  • There are three American tailbacks on the roster in this order: Sheets, West, Rankin
  • Rookie LB Sam Hurl out of Calgary, not surprisingly, will make his CFL debut as well, backing up Abraham Kromah.
  • The receivers are Bagg, Dressler, Getzlaf, Harper, Hill, Sisco and Moss. Justin Harper will start at WR.
  • True to form the quarterback depth chart looks like this: Durant, Willy, O'Sullivan.

The Riders are due to arrive in Hamilton at 1 pm and will hold their walk-through at Ivor Wynne Stadium shortly thereafter.

What do we do if Eiben goes down? Put Louie Richardson in? I'd much rather see Kanya be forced into game action but I am not sure he can play wide side Linebacker. Louie Richardson looked horrid when i saw him at TC, but clearly the coaches saw something in him.

I actually think Ike Brown will get some playing time on defence, as well as special teams.

I had no idea Sinorice Moss played for the Riders. He was a good backup receiver for the Giants in the NFL but I think his size always hurt him a bit, CFL might be perfect place for a speedy small guy like Moss to blossom.

Here is the problem I have. If they don't dress Onrea Jones, then I'll never understand why they don't start six non-imports on offence.

They do, don't they? Three on the line and either two receivers and a fullback/tight end (subbing a third NI receiver for FB/TE on some plays).

From the coach's media briefing, it appears likely that Knowlton will dress. So, I'll adjust my prediction for the Reserves (Baillargeon, Jones, R. Brown, Knowlton) to the first three plus Ray.

Do you all not think that putting in 'Tisdale' is a touch too early?

You think he knows all the calls, schemes, & language already?

I'd be surprised if he did...

Yes, but they also list Bucknor and Eiben as starters on defence. They have to show the fullback positions on the depth chart but it doesn't necessarily mean they are starting. No way they are starting 8 non-imports.

No, I think there is one other person who thinks Bo Smith can cover and doesn't get burned deep 2 or 3 times a game. But yeah that's about it. You two are pretty much on your own. :wink:

Tells you how much trust they have in that unit.

They'd better not be playing a lot of zone or else the odds are good that Tisdale is going to blow a coverage or two. He needs time to get familiar with the rest of the secondary, Creehan's playbook, and the terminology. My guess is we'll see him in a lot of simple man press coverage where he doesn't have to do a lot of reading keys or switching off on the fly.

He's not an idiot. Creehan said he went over the playbook extensively with Tisdale on Sunday. Add in 4 days of practice, studying, and likely help from his teammates and that's plenty.