Depth chart vs Edmonton game #11

Depth chart is out for tomorrows game . It's listing not one , not two but three possible Canadian GTD (Bennett-de/Bennett-rb/Ciraco-c ) and also has Howsare as a possible GTD . Don Jackson listed as the starting rb for this one as well with STE listed as back-up .


I thought they starting two CDNs on the Dline.


If my math is correct one of the Americans needs to be the game day scratch. I guess it won't be Jackson for once.

So the depth chart ratio breakdown is as listed :

Defence... 23 players / 13 Am ( 10 starters , 3 back-ups with 1 possible GTD )

9 Cdn / (2 starters , 7 back-ups with 1 possible GTD ) 1 Global back-up .

Offence... 19 players / 2 QB's , 7 Am ( 6 starters , 1 back-up ) 10 Cdns ( 5 starters , 5 back-ups with 1 starter and 1 back-up listed as GTD )

Specials...3 players ( 1 Am / 1 Cdn / 1 Glob )

Roster total is 45 players : 2 QBs / 20 Cdns / 21 Am / 2 Glob .


Your math is correct . Looking at things my guess would be one of either two players between GTD listed Howsare at DE or Malik Carney if Howsare is given the green light in the warm-ups . If Howsare is indeed the game day scratch then Mauldin will slide in as starter with Carney as his back-up .

So worst case if they scratch Carney and then drop all the GTD players we will have a 40 man roster, outstanding. Scratch Howsare and we could still be looking at 41.

Are there no Nationals on a taxi squad that we could get for emergency back-ups.

I am looking to see if Jackson will pass protect and can he be a one cut runner or is he Fred Astaire ?

Pat Lynch (fingers crossed)

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So let's see if I've got this right. If Ciraco starts and then unfortunately goes down like last week, the response will be:

  1. Starting WR Banks claims Centre Ciraco's "Canadian" spot on the roster
  2. Backup Centre Yarbrough plays in Ciraco's actual spot on the O-line
  3. American Yarbrough claims Banks' "American" spot on the roster

Have I got it?


Edmonton Depth Chart:

wk-13-edm-elks-depth-vs-ham.pdf (

My notes say "Dead wife".

Pat Lynch (a big fan of the philosopher Homer)

Wow so we are dropping roster spots because we can't field enough Nationals and Edmonton has 9 starters plus a kicker, punter and LS. It's a shame Edmonton wasn't out of contention and looking for trades.

Banks can only replace a Canadian in game. If Yarborough does end up starting, then STE might have to start after all.

Like others have said maybe Bennett starts at DE or Adeleke at SLB and Katsantonis at S.

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I just heard from a reliable inside source that they actually will be starting three CDNs on the Dline for the Edmonton game. Mason Bennett starting in place of Howsare, Laurent in his usual spot, and rookie Schnitzler in place of Wynn. :sweat:

Outside the box thinking. I like it.

They are on their way!
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Saturday weather in Edmonton
Sunny, High of 4 degrees, wind 24 kph gusting up to 36 kph

Friday weather at game time 2 deg. with light wind
Have my tickets just behind the visitor bench.


We face the dynamic quarterbacking duo of Cornelius and Prukop. Spared from facing new recruit Arbuckle.

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So when were you talking to Ticatfan94 ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah I don’t think they’re sitting Wynn

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