Depth Chart vs. Calgary

According to the depth chart Wynn is out at DT and Jackson is out at RB. Autry in for Wynn and Tyrone Riley OT will take the roster spot of Jackson. Mason Bennett starts at DE to have seven Canadian starters.

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So not Jason Riley I guess...DANG

Can't get our biggest most fun to watch weapon(Jackson) on the field, that just sucks☹️

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Interesting "musical chairs" along the O-line:
Rev and Van Zeyl in their usual spots, with Riley LT, Gibbon C, Vornkahl RG, and Okafor the lone back-up.

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I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

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Well according to depth chart page we are apparently playing the Bombers this week in Winnipeg . :thinking: Still no depth chart posted as of 12:45 P.M.

Riley at LT making his CFL debut. Many eyes will be on him. No pressure at all. :smile:

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Ahhh .... the staff stress of the home opener! :pensive:
Sometime, between now and kickoff tomorrow, somebody will notice that they haven't published the required real depth chart and line-up list.

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If he doesn’t impress then they do have one more American tackle I see on the practice roster Aron Johnson (6’-6”, 300 lbs). Could be a rotating audition like last year and 2017 until they settle on somebody. Hopefully for our sake Riley can step in.


Maybe it is just me but this is the sort of thing that really bugs me.
So he started as a DL guy. No problem.

In total he started 7 games in all those years at University.

Wouldn't there be an import LT/RT out there that started a couple/few years at University? SOMEWHERE???
Surely there must be someone on the NEG list/FA somewhere.

We were down a National on the O-Line and our Ticat Forums experts list a handful of options out there.

Surely there must be better options...

Riley spent seven seasons at North Carolina State University (2015-2021). The six-foot-six, 290-pound native of Savanah, Georgia began his career as a defensive end before transitioning to the offensive side of the ball during his collegiate career.

Riley played in 42 games during his time with the Wolfpack, starting seven of them.

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Yep, just what we need.......another Kay Okafor.


Posting from a poor cell connection up north.

What radio stations carries the game? Or do you have to stream the audio? Our signals are spotty and likely cant stream but hope to listen to it on the radio. Hope the cats watched the dogs show how to get it done.

Oskee wee wee.

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Another phylon.

In my reading, I've been seeing comments for a few years that getting adequate personnel on the OL is increasingly problematic, even in the NFL. Offensive lineman are retiring at a high rate, and a fair number are choosing not to play after college. It's a high wear and tear position, including high rates of concussion and CTD . Offensive linemen tend to be brighter than your average player, and often have high marks in college. This gives them options outside of football.

I've also seen comments that pro O-line coaches are often less than thrilled with the candidates they do get out of college. For that reason they have started to turn D-linemen into O-linemen. Here's an interview with Tom Cable of the Seahawks that discusses the problem in more detail. I think it is pretty clear that we're going to see more converted d-linemen like Okafor in the future.


That a websteam. Im guessing the games arent being broadcasted on AM radio

Simulcast of Ticats audio network on 900 CHML plus two other stations recently announced. I forget where they broadcast from.

Depending on distance, he may have to install the "IHeart Radio" app on a mobile device to pick up CHML when out in the Styx.

Of course, with a poor cell connection, I would assume that it would be a poorly-operating stream for him. Unless he has a decent WiFi signal...

It says CHML and Newstalk Sauga960AM is it