Depth chart vs. BC?

Shows that Mr.Bruce is starting. Is this a tactic to throw off the Lions?...

Nevermind, answered my own question via The Scratching Post. :smiley:

They did the same thing week. The coach thinks he's gonna fool Wally, just like it so confused Huff last week.

The depth chart normally shows the entire 46 man roster and only 42 of those dress. The 4 that do not dress are shown where they would be if they did dress. The 4 man reserve is part of the active roster.

That's a good explanation. What makes it appear to be an attempt to deceive is that it's unusual that a starter is named as one of the 4 reserves. I think last year there may have been a case or two, in the uncertain period related to the starting QB, when depth chart deception was deliberately employed.