Depth chart vs BC game #12

Several changes and some debuts for some of our Cats this week . A trio of Cats make their first appearance on the roster for 2021 .

S- Thompson , DT- Mulumba and OL- Bencze . All in back-up roles . Howsare once again listed as a GTD .

The Lions D-Chart here...

The roster ratio breakdown is as such....

..2 QB's
21 AMR
..2 GLOB

So the GD scratch will have to be an American , most likely Howsare again would be my guess . If not Howsare then possibly lb Wilson . Another possibility if Howsare is given the green light would be fellow de Carney as the scratch.

Defense = 10 A starters / 3 A back-ups . 2 C starters / 6 C back-ups / 1 G
Offense = 2 QB / 6 A starters / 0 A back-ups . 6 C starters / 5 C back-ups
Specials = 1 A / 1 C / 1 G

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I think BC is in deep, playing @ 3:00 pm Vancouver time. In Hamilton's capacity (rabid) crowd, even with the redheaded Lucky Whitehead in the lineup. This game should be close until the second half.

Pretty much every home game this season for this team has followed that script . The first half usually little to no scoring and a single digit lead heading into the second half . The second half of every home game we have taken control and double digit leads BUT as we all now it hasn't always worked out well for us in holding those leads until the final whistle this season .

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The Lions stayed in Ontario after their TOR game last week,
so jet lag shouldn't be a factor
Kelly NOT suspended

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It’s a 4pm start in BC. That’s not an unusual time for a game anyway.

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Certainly do not mean to look past this game with the BC Lions, but we need to find a way to win this game, while also getting lucky on the Injury Front. Need as many healthy bodies as possible for a "Must Win" game next weekend at BMO. No chance of hosting the Eastern Final on 5th of December unless we win next week.

And finally departing on a slight tangent . . . the Ti-Cats need a healthy Ted Laurent in the middle of that D-Line to succeed. I will be keeping an eye on him tomorrow night . . . especially in Goal-Line / Jumbo situations. I believe the Edmonton Elks (still cannot get used to that) were targeting Big Teddy in those situations last week. And that simply will not do . . .

I'm not an athlete (though I play one on TV). I worked out of town a lot in my life probably more than 5 full years worth, living in hotel's is not fun or relaxing especially when you share the room, I'm always anxious to get back to my own bed. Meh... maybe it's just me?

Who knows, maybe they all stayed at the Braley family mansion!


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What channel? :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly . It's not like when we go out there and the game starts at 11:00 EST and is usually over by 1:00 - 1:30 or later AM EST .

I honestly can't remember the last time we had an early afternoon game on the West Coast in BC .





Compared to the lions' line-up in Toronto, last weekend, they've got a starting CB, KiAnte Hardin back in the line-up, but wil be missing a starting DE J.R. Tavai. No changes on offence, but on STs, they''ll be debuting a new K Nick Vogel and. KR/PR Quadree Henderson. replacing Jimmy Camacho and Chris Rainey.

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Oh , alright so that is you then ! :laughing:

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Geez how many friggin' kickers has that team gone thru this year ?


This is the real me

With all their kicking issues, it is rather strange that BC didn't bring in Castillo. A proven reliable kicker. Instead trading his rights to Winnipeg.

Maybe he hates kicking indoors and wouldn't sign. Or wanted the playoff cash and wouldn't sign.

Playoff money is substantial at this point in the season.

If it's playoff cash then you would offer a reliable kicker more money in the 1st place. He might even help you get into the playoffs. What's the point of paying Reilly big bucks to drive down to the 20 and then have a Dollar store kicker shank it wide? Repeatedly.

BC management appears pennywise but pound foolish.