Depth Chart vs. BC - August 8th

The depth chart for the game this Friday versus the Lions has been posted up over at ... otes-stats

Bowman, King, McDuffie & Tasker are off from last week's game.

Butler, Banks, Caldwell & Reed are on.

Changes on Defence ... Reed back at MLB after being benched/not dressed against Winnipeg. Butler back at safety.

Changes on Offence ... Ellingson replaces Tasker. Banks back in at WR/KR. Filer starts at centre after being pulled in 2nd half.

4 NI's starting on D. Bulcke, Laurent, Butler, Stephen.

4 NI's starting on O. Fantuz, Giguere, Filer, O'Neill.

From Drew Edwards

[b]The Ticats depth chart is out and while there aren't a lot of changes - at least not compared to previous weeks - there are some notable ones:

• Taylor Reed is back at middle linebacker for Marcellus Bowman. Bowman practiced this week but has been dinged up for much of the season. Hard to say whether that's a performance or injury-related change

• Luke Tasker comes off the roster meaning that Greg Ellingson - who has battled everything from injury to the flu this season - will start.

• with Tasker out, Cary Koch takes over the holding duties on field goals for Justin Medlock. They spent quite a bit of time working together in training camp and after practice this week (Koch also held during most team periods.) Medlock says he feels comfortable with Koch but it bears watching.

• safety Craig Butler returns after missing last week and that should help, assuming that Butler is close to 100 per cent. Back up safety Neil King is off the roster, meaning the Ticats will likely need to make ratio adjustments if Butler gets re-injured.

• Brandon Banks come back on the roster, Quincy McDuffie, whose hurt, goes off. Not much to chose from there: both are lightning fast, dynamic return guys.

• David Caldwell comes on the roster but I suspect he'll be a scratch. Gets a game cheque though.[/b]

Assuming Caldwell and Myddleton (or Rockhill?) are the reserve, who is the "undesignated" international, the sixteenth international who can come into the game unrestricted - i.e. can sub in for a national player on any play? I'm thinking it has to be either Banks, allowing him to come in for either Giguere or Fantuz, or Harris, allowing either him or Murray to provide backup if either Butler or Stephen gets injured [knock wood]. My guess is Harris.

Does anyone know whether the list of DIs is made available before the game? The (now short) list players on the reserve is available - probably by deduction rather than announcement - but I don't remember ever seeing the DI list being announced. It's pretty obvious when the team starts all 16 internationals, but when they only start 15, it's not obvious who the sixteenth unrestricted international is.

I think it's Bryan Hall. He seemed to play a lot against Winnipeg and I don't think they took out either of the import DE's for him.

That makes sense, given that he's an international backing up a national starter. (Should have seen that myself. :oops: )

I suppose that if a designated import goes in for one of the starting nationals in the secondary, Plesius could go in for Reed.

Ignoring the fact that none of our DI’s are DB’s (if for instance Stephen gets injured they likely move Rico Murray to corner and Eric Harris takes Murray’s LB spot), pretty sure a defensive DI could replace a “national” as long as any other defensive “international” was off the field (Hall included). The “non-designated” international doesn’t necessarily have to come off the field at the same time the DI enters.

look at all those linebackers. someone must really be worried about harris :slight_smile:

what will the ticats do if they start losing receivers to injury??

Right. I was obviously not thinking straight when I posted this, forgetting that there is no restriction on the first DI coming in on the side of the ball with the undesignated international because, as you say, the undesignated international is already on the bench. So yes, if one of the starting national DBs came off the field [knock wood], Murray would move back and Harris could come on without impacting the rest of the lineup.

So actually, it really doesn't matter who the undesignated international is until a second national player has to come off the field. [KNOCK WOOD! KNOCK WOOD!] Three possibilities there: both DBs, both DTs, or one of each. Could be an interesting exercise to figure out the impacts of each, but I'm not going there today.

(I'm thinking Matts Dad or whatever he calls himself now would have an aneurism over this discussion.)