Depth Chart vs. B.C. with a Daly Surprise

Mike Daly is on the 6-Game Injured List and 2 more TiCats (Lyn & Holmes) play their first CFL game.

[url=] ... -vs-BC.pdf[/url]

And, for the Lions:

[url=] ... uly-15.pdf[/url]

Still no Elliott in the lineup?
Injured? Or injured ego???

With the way our DB's get injured, having only 1 backup DB could be a big problem

Front four must stuff the run and contain, contain, contain the edge.

O-line - better step up boys.

Receivers - who wants to be a hero? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Fry?

[quote="Grover"]Still no Elliot in the lineup?
Injured? Or injured ego???

8) Obviously in Austins doghouse after that first game :oops:

While I'm sure its a long shot, would be nice to see Scheuerman in action. That one appearance he had last season really showed what a running game can do...but the ball only moves through the air with this team.

Not really a long shot given that was our starting RB in the last game.

Given what Jones said about the Riders spreading their front four in order to create isolations on the offensive tackles, and Austin still didn't go with a ground game, you almost have to wonder how many running plays are even in the play book.

Nobody's commented on Daly being put on the 6-game. If he got injured in Regina, I missed it. Anyone know what happened and/or anything about his injury?

Daly and Swindle for that matter, must of both got hurt doing yoga or something during their “recovery” day. They join the long list, which includes Emanuel Davis and Abdul Kanneh, called “Mysterious Injuries” which are never fully explained and are never talked about again.

According to Drew E it looks like some sort of shoulder injury that could keep him out for sometime . I wouldn't be holding my breath though waiting for an explanation from Austin on how and when it exactly happened considering on how tight lipped he is when it concerns injuries to his players . Emmanuel Davis , Abdul Kanneh and Craig Butler have all yet to suit up for this team this season , all out with some sort of injury BUT what those injuries are or how serious or for how long seem to be a big dark secret that only Austin knows the answers to . :?

Canadian safety Mike Daly could be out for an extended period with a shoulder injury .

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Elliott is not injured,

Hope you both have a speedy recovery @CatchinMyDreams & @DalyNews8

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I'm not injured but I appreciate the luv.

Not one tall receiver In the lineup. Get your head straight Austin. Your offence sucks.

Now you're just gonna hurt Tyms' feelings.

He's not that tall

Bob we know you want a entertaining experience and you have done wonders with the stadium and all the social features. For gawd sakes can you do something about your football ops team because its clear Austin is not a coach who has any creativity or willingness to try something different.