Depth Chart vrs TOR

Kind of surprised Frankie didn’t get the game off. Given his workload all year.

Agreed. I thought for sure that Williams would be rested and maybe even Rico, Leonard, and Brooks. Thought Ciraco could use a game off too.
Otherwise , all is good as we have great depth at all positions.
Guys like Cam Marshall, Tucker, Jalin Marshall, Tate, Gibbon Okafor , golding, beverette, moore, wade, mauldin, dean, oombs , moore, watford mcgeough will all playing very hard to show what they can do and that they can start and are worth keeping for next year.
Glad banks addidon, evans, laurent, davis, wynn , tuggle, van zeyl mathews filer revenberg breaux hoesare laurence are not starting to not risk injury and let them rest their aches and pains to be more fresh for the eastern final…
I predict mauldin and beverette have standout games and moore plays well amd marshall runs for 80 yards

Was thinking the same thing. Can’t afford for him to get injured.

I don’t think we have enough offensive linemen to give Ciraco a game off.

And Coach O said it wouldn’t be a complete “overhaul” of the starting line-up…lol. If that isn’t a pre-season game type starting line-up, then I don’t know what is. Glad he is resting some very important starters.

I look forward, with great interest, to seeing how this line-up does.

Game within a game
Can Irons or Marshall finally unseat STE as our leading rusher
STE has 224 yards in 4 games and is still our leading rusher
Irons 202 yards
Marshall 198 yards

I completely agree with the Pope . May the peace of fishing be with you all . :wink:

Pat Lynch (a big Marko Ramius and Red October fan)

I completely agree with the Pope . May the peace of fishing be with you all . :wink:

Pat Lynch (a big Marko Ramius and Red October fan)

Hey Pat, three times’s a charm! ;D

Yeah , I know . :slight_smile: I tried the modify option and thought I deleted the first copy but nay nay it was not to be .

In the words of Tony Soprano - “Whatya gonna do?”

Pat Lynch ( getting older every day )


Maybe he’ll be the Reserve. The one American who’ll have to sit out is almost certainly to be one of the 6 DBs.

Or in the words of the deceased owner of the Ticats, Michael Young

‘What Ya Gotta Do?’


In the pre-season game Beverette showed a lot of hustle and was all over the field.

As for QB Moore he looked fairly confident in his pre-season debut. He wasn’t afraid to make some longer throws either. I think Condell will give Moore a decent playbook against the Argos instead of just dinky dunk 5 yarders to the sidelines.

Beverette played a lot in the Labour Day game and didn’t look out of place. He came in after Langa got hurt and played the rest of the game.

Justin sez he’s offended:D

I’m worried too many players aren’t being rested. I’m also worried too many players will be rusty from being rested too much.
I’m also scared.

;D ;D ;D