Depth Chart vrs TOR

ON -Aprile, Grigsby, Johnson,Madu, Plesius

OFF- Carter, Fantuz, Laurent, Kruba, Ojuri

No Laurent. That's big.

Madu was fantastic on special teams before becoming a starter in place of Gable. I expect to see more of him there, now that he can split offensive touches with Grigsby. Helps offset the loss of Bowman.

Did anyone notice that McGee is ahead of Mazolli at QB?

Wow! Laurant off is a HUGE! change on the line. Tough to figure because the blows can run the ball and IIR the last game was turned by a blitz that the blows beat. If you can't get enough pressure from the front 4 then you have to blitz. To me, the absence of that force in the middle means much more blitzing to get pressure. Hold on tight!!!

Has been for a few weeks now.

Madu was a secondary returner on kickoffs, with Sinkfield on, not sure he’ll be doing those anymore. He may be on punt return duty though (which I agree he excelled at, he had about 5 tackles before he had to stop).

Anyone confirm if Laurent is hurt? Seems the only explanation.

1-Game Injured List# Name Pos I/N HT WT Born College
18 Ojuri, Sam RB International 6.00 202 1990-09-22 North Dakota State
38 Bowman, Marcellus LB International 6.03 228 1986-10-12 Boston College
67 Dyakowski, Peter OL National 6.05 325 1984-04-19 Louisiana State
82 Ellingson, Greg WR International 6.03 197 1988-12-30 Florida International
83 Fantuz, Andy WR National 6.04 220 1983-12-18 Western
86 Koch, Cary WR International 6.00 198 1986-08-28 Virginia
97 Laurent, Ted DT National 6.01 303 1988-01-01 Mississippi

Perhaps it is only a precaution and he isn't seriously hurt. We've got to have him down the stretch. A very valuable addition this year. 8)

While Linden Gaydosh doesn't have the same experience, I'm sure that he will be able to hold his own as he starts in place of Ted Laurent.

Couple interesting stats from the Game Notes which can be found here ... ... otes-stats


Needing 30 points to win: In their last 19 wins, Toronto has scored 30+ points in 18 of them. In their last 17 games without getting to the 30-point mark, Toronto has gone 1-16; in games scoring 30+ points since October 2011 they are 23-2.

When scoring under 20: Hamilton’s defence has allowed them to win 4 times in 2014 when NOT reaching the 20-point mark. They have won the last 4 times they did not get to the 20-point mark; in their previous 90 games when were held under 20 points (2000-2013), their record was just 3-87. They are 4-2 in 2014 when scoring under 20 points.


Toronto’s Depth Chart can be found here … … 102238.pdf

They face their own injury & resulting ratio issues as well. Rookie Non Import Thomas Miles makes his first start @ WILL LB replacing Import Greg Jones who has been outstanding this year. This is a definite area the TiCats will want to target.

Non Import Ivan Brown starts at Defensive End. Also an area Hamilton will want to try to expoit.

King replaces Van Zeyl at Right Tackle. Robinson replaces McCullough at Defensive Half Back.


4 Robinson, Jamie*
14 Black, Eric#
38 Dowtin, Marcus*
89 Watt, Spencer

24 McCollough, Evan*
39 Black, Matt
54 Van Zeyl, Chris
74 Davis, Dexter*

Thanks FG69,If I could just add this.

Been that way for at least 3 weeks

Interesting to note that the addition of linebacker Christopher Johnson to the 'Cats roster was required because of the Argos attempt to claim him off of the practice roster. Instead of losing him to the Argos, the 'Cats had to activate Johnson and put Pawel Kruba on the practice roster. Dirty Argos!!!

From The Scratching Post:

Among the roster deletions, defensive tackle Ted Laurent is the most surprising as he practiced this week. According to Kent Austin, Laurent has a "personal commitment he has to keep," and will return this week. This is just speculation, but Laurent's uncle passed away just before the last Argo game two weeks ago and Laurent could be attending the funeral.

[url=] ... owing.html[/url]

I don't have a problem with this most times of the year as it prevents teams from stockpiling players on the PR. But there was another thread recently about the rule that players released now could not be re-signed by other teams. Some thought it was an "integrity of the game" issue. Maybe the "integrity of the game" rule should say something about PR players.

Other Observations: Toronto only showing 5 D-Linemen on roster,so thin in that department with only 1 backup listed.A strong run game mixed in with screens and bubbles underneath could have these guys sucking wind with no rotation to speak of in the late stages of the game.Also if one of their lineman goes down with an injury it could screw them totally as they will be forced to play every down. In other words Kent,let's get the run game going tomorrow,and take advantage of their lack of depth on the line,and wear these guys down to a nub.
Looking at Toronto's depth chart on defence,they don't impress me at all,our starting 12 and backups are heads and shoulders above them in talent level and skill. Over-all on Offence you take away little Ricky and the crying Hawaiian and the rest of the offence is mediocre at best. Running back tandem Slaton and Steele held to only 23 yards combined rushing on Labour day and only a combined 37 yards rushing in the last game two weeks ago.
If you take away the 69 yarder to Owens for the winning TD last game his stats were only a very pedestrian 5 catches for 40 yds in that game. Jason Barnes,one of Ricky's favs won't be playing and is listed on the 1 gm IL.(7-83 last game).J.Chiles will need to be neutralized as he had a big day against us last game(8-123).The key will be to put Ricky on his arse early and often to force as many 2 and outs as possible,then when we are on Offence we need to be successful at running a ball control style of offence,keeping their depleted D-Line out on the field as long as possible and with no depth to speak of wear them totally down. I have no doubt that we are the better team and the Cats will show everybody who the real beasts of the East are tomorrow.
Former Cats on the game day are OL-W.Smith,WR-M.Mann,DE-I.Brown,LB-N.Rosamonda,LB-J.Hood
Former Blows on the game day are K/P-J.Medlock,WR/KR-T.Sinkfield,OL-J.Reinders,QB-Z.Collaros

When you compare this game's Depth Charts with those from when they played each other just two weeks ago, Toronto has a lot more changes:
85 Chiles starting @ WR was a back-up
61 King starting @ RT did not dress
13 Brazill starting @ WR did not dress
21 Woodson starting @ SB was a back-up
86 Mann listed @ slotback in place of 81 Barnes
23 Agnew starting @ CB was a starting LB
28 O. Johnson was not in the line-up
17 Ware starting @ LB was not in the line-up
48 Miles starting @ LB was a back-up
97 I. Brown starting at DE was a back-up

The Cats' only changes from that line-up of two weeks ago:
98 Gaydosh starting @ DT was a back-up
11 Giguere starting @ SB started @ WR
81 Coates starting @ WR was a back-up
15 Grigsby was not with the team
88 Aprile was on the PR

Although Grigsby is listed as backing up Madu for this game, I expect he may be the starter. Olson and Davis would be the most obvious choices for the 2 Internationals to not dress, but I wouldn't be shocked to learn that Madu isn't ready and that Davis dresses instead of him.

E. Davis quietly had a very good game last week especially on Special Teams.

JEEEEeeeeeeezzz I wished Ted and Fany were going to TO. :cowboy: