Depth Chart vrs TOR pre season #2

NO Westerman or Wynn on the D-Line?

That’s a good looking group.

  • Good to see that Luke is healthy.
  • Hopefully Rico is in game shape.
  • RB spot looking pretty Canadian.
  • 6 CDN starters on offence, 2 on defence
  • Did Addison play wide-out late last year or slot?

So, no pre-season play, at all, for WRs Ungerer, M.Davis & Thomas, RB Marshall, OL Girard & Golding, DE Westerman, DT Wynn, and DB Ouellette. Is the reason injury in all cases?

Also of note, players who appeared in the first pre-season game, still with the team, but not playing this game: RB Lawry & WR Sumter.

Looking at this depth chart, I gotta say Acklin has made the team and probably become an opening day starter by the strength of his play last week in Ottawa.

Looks like Arghblows will have their starting lineup in tomorrow

When you have 5 QBs you probably do not have 1.

Just noticed that the regular version of the Cats’ depth chart, for this game, is a bit different than what Grover posted.

It includes Langa & Korol, both missing in the chart we’ve been commenting on.

Now, this could be a CFL record – 161 players dressed!
(TiCats 76 / 85 in blue)

I hate to admit it but outside of the QB position that doesn’t look like a half bad starting line-up across both the Defence and Offence for the Blows for tomorrow nights game . Might I dare say it but it seems pretty solid as compared to last years sorry looking line-up that they had . :oStill not as solid as ours of course but better looking then the TWOCOLOURS and the bottom feeding Dirty Birds have at the moment .

It will be interesting to see if the RT they kept ends up playing better than Van Zeyl.

Well, interesting for those who actually watch the O-linemen, that is. If anyone does can you please update me? Thanks in advance.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Tuggle performs at MLB. The Cats chose not to re-sign Larry Dean which left some pretty big shoes to fill. Hopefully for Tuggle the shoes fit tight.

This could be the last chance for a lot of players

The day after tomorrow(Saturday by 10PM),
the teams will have to cut down their rosters to 46 and 10 on the practice roster.

It will be a tough day for a lot of players

Well looking at their depth chart it would seem that the left side of their line is currently being held down by the law firm of Richards and Richards . ???

Somethings telling me that Westerman could be a cap hit casualty at final cuts especially since the team drafted two DE’s in this years draft in Campbell and Dufault . Either that or maybe he still has some lingering effects from his season ending injury from last year and isn’t at 100% just yet . Another option is maybe the team plans to 6 game him to start the season .

As for Wynn , not entirely sure what’s going on there . He won’t be dressing it would seem for either preseason game . Maybe he’s dinged up a bit with some sort of injury or some such at the moment ? If he is though I haven’t heard or read anything about it to my knowledge . Perhaps somebody in the know could possibly fill us in as to what his situation is , and hopefully he is ready to start the season next Thursday .

Doesn’t Wynn have a bit of a history with injuries? IIRC he’s been unable to play a lot in the past also.

Sorta like Johnny Sears… great player with lots of talent, but injury prone.

I just checked his history and it’s showing that Wynn had missed a total of 10 games the past two seasons while with Toronto due to injuries including seven games last year . Going further back apparently he also spent a year on Injury reserve while with Cleveland in the NFL in 2016 . He also played 6 out of 8 games this season in the AAF with the Arizona Hotshots before signing on with the Cats .

Why does it seem we always have one or two of these players on our roster? Unless there was no true competition for Wynn to be replaced, then maybe cut him now and take our lumps on this forum for cutting him and him having a great season elsewhere (ie. Ellingson)

Heresy you say!! Maybe?

Could maybe say the same thing about ms their kickers!! I know that they had some injury problems at kicker last season but really WHO carries FIVE kickers in training camp? Rooting for Crapigna to out boot 'em all!

I have heard Steinauer say that if they know what they have in a player they don’t really need to see him play but then he also mentioned that starters need to have a bit of game action to absorb some hits. My guess is that if the above players (Wynn, Westerman) are a bit nicked up so the coaches aren’t going to put them in to aggravate any minor injuries. I know I’ve heard that Ungerer and Girard have had some minor injuries during camp and I suspect that might be true for a couple of the others.

Yes Saturday will indeed be a tough day for players and also coaches. Those final roster decisions are never easy.

Looking forward to this game tonight - glad that it’s being streamed so I can watch it! :slight_smile: