Depth Chart vrs CGY and pre-game thread

I don’t think there heritage has anything to do with it.

Tell anyone how they should want their name dealt with and you will have issues.

You want a player to be proud of the jersey they wear AND the name on the back.

Whatever that means to the player.


I don’t think anyone is going to bother a bunch of kids wearing stampeders jerseys.

Things have changed since the days of IWS being a dangerous place for opposing fans.

Now most of us are just happy to see a full stadium; of course there is some friendly ribbing, but thats about it.

I was wondering, recently, if that dark visor might be a contributing factor to Jeremiah’s throws being a bit off, more often this season, than last year.

This is Arbuckle’s 3rd game now, he has been impressive,but,
we now have some tape on him to watch for tendencies, etc.

I’m calling a win for us in a close one. :slight_smile:

Longtime TiCat Courtney Stephen will play in his 100th game today against us

We all hope your right, Grover. Certainly on the “win,” not necessarily on the “close one.”
Wondering if you’ve ever made a similar prediction before a TiCat game against Calgary, anywhere, since 2011 or, here in Hamilton, since 2009? :wink:

Well I’m hoping that the Ticats can win - they’re the only eastern team in recent memory who have NOT been able to beat the horses! I’d say that they’re due! Not that that means anything.

Game is underway! Stamps with the ball to start. Shut them down D! NICE SACK!!

Three plays and OUT !!! ;D ;D ;D

Or NOT - a punter who tosses for a FD was probably not expected.

Not a good starting point for our guys! Hope they can get some offense going.

Mission accomplished. ;D