Depth Chart vrs CGY and pre-game thread

They must like Irons as he starts over Coombs.

Defence now has a Sr, a Jr, and a III. Good name - Likely III. We’ll likely see a lot of Likely as he is now listed as our returner.

I’m sure they will give carries to both Irons and Coombs.

The Defence also has a IV in Maudlin but he’s not likelyto dress . :wink:

Will Likely III broke a 76 year old Big Ten Conference single game record by returning punts for 233 yards in 2015.

Don’t understand the use of Jr, Sr, III, etc when the player is identified only by last name, plus has a large numerical identifier on his jersey. Just exactly who do they think we are confusing them with? Neither their Dads or sons are on the team, and strictly speaking, if we just use surnames, isn’t every player a Jr and many Srs?

Seems a silly affectation to me.

For those interested here is the Stumps depth chart :

I totally agree. These misuses of generational suffixes, on sports jerseys, are ridiculous. As a life-long fan, I’m embarrassed to see it in the CFL and, particularly so, seeing more on Tiger-Cats than other players. There seems to be an epidemic of it here in The Hammer and across Ontario – TiCats have 7 on the full roster, the TwoColours 4, and there are 3 in Trawna. Among the other 6 teams there is a total of just 3. So, I imagine that three CFL GMs are knowledgeable enough to have said “No way, José Jr., Sr, II, III, IV.” ::slight_smile:

All of the teams also misplace all such suffixes on their roster lists.
i.e. - “Breaux Sr., Delvin” should appear as Breaux, Delvin Sr.

Try telling an african american player he can’t have that. You will be shamed and shut down in about two minutes. …and not from the player.

Is this a rare serious Onemoredork post? If it isn’t, I’m not getting this one. If it is, I’d really appreciate learning more through an explanation of what you mean.

Meh. Not the place for social commentary.

Likely VII would be better for a returner. Right?

And yeah, the suffixes aren’t part of the surname, so I don’t get why they are on the players’ jerseys either.

I guess I don’t understand the shame. Simply a common sense observation. If I am the only Jones or Smith on the team, I don’t get why I need the suffix. If that is an inappropriate racial comment, I must confess that I was unaware of that, and I apologize.

Frankly I have never liked this Jr, Sr, the II, III, nonsense.

Its just unnecessary pretentiousness started by some arrogant people.

I have already taken my dad last name, why do I have to have the first name as well?

Each individual should have their individual identity.

Just my opinion.

Look out, Jeremiah!

Tunde Adeleke and Ja’Gared Davis will be receiving their Grey Cup rings from the Stamps. Davis says he plans to give the ring to either his mother or father.

Are we actually scraping the bottom of the barrel with complaining about what guys put on their Jersey?

And are we really rolling our eyes at and faulting people that would say “let him put what he wants on his Jersey, who cares?”


Lets see! Maybe he should drop the dark tinted visor, ok pass to Speedy 50%of the time , Tasker 25% and other 15%and Run 10% Calgary ‘s xoxo for our highly predictable Mazola ! How many pics i would say 2 again this week ! Elite noway ! he cant keep up the Mojo ! Game to game

Exactly - Remember seeing HE HATE ME on the back of an XFL jersey.