Depth Chart vrs Bummers

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Caldwell, Hickman, King, Lewis, Madu, Palmer

Dell, Gable, Gascon-Nadon, Johnson, Olson, Scott

Bummer news

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Drew Willy will start for #bombers #cfl on Saturday against #ticats #bn

Bombers Depth Chart ...

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WPG dead last at stopping the run. just what we needed vs a loud stadium.


I don't remember what happened to Scott (OT). Also, have we seen Lewis (OT) before?

Looks to be starting 7 NI's. Atkinson & Gaydosh backing up at DT. They can substitute freely for Hall in rotation or if there's an injury necessitating a ratio shuffle.

Hamilton has moved Figueroa over to LT while reactivating Lewis at RT. Olson goes to 1 Game IR. Interesting. Not sure if I remember an injury situation with Olsen. Could be performance related.

Expect Rice to be the game-day NI scratch.

Caldwell gets a game cheque this week despite possibly being a game-day scratch. Either him or Emanuel Davis sits. My guess is Davis.

Palmer gets activated as back-up RB.

No NI Back-Up DE. Going with Norwood & Hickman.

King returns to back-up Butler at Safety & play on specials.

Yes. Lewis last started for Hamilton @ RT back on July 31st vs. these very same Bombers. He’s been pretty good there. Olson has struggle here and there. So, Austin goes with 2 Miami Hurricane OT’s!

Scott is the victim of Hickman’s return.

Game Day Scratches - King and Caldwell

I say Davis & Rice.

Maybe you guys can't count. All 21 Nationals will dress. Two imports (Internationals) have to sit this one out, most likely Caldwell and Davis.

It was never my strong point. So thanks for being so kind to point that out. Caldwell and Rice it will be.

Good catch MightyPope.

Got it. And I had Scott and Olson mixed up. It was Olson I was asking about as to his injury, although same question goes for Scott. I don’t remember either one being injured, although I could be wrong. No way they were moved to the IL just to inactivate them, right?

I’m going to be kind here action2521… but Rice is a National. Stick with me, Caldwell and Davis it will be.

Still no Dyakowski, a little worried is career is over.

Interesting Lineup changes for this game,the 46 man consists of 3 QB/21 CDN/22 IMP. The game day 44 allows for only 20 imports dressing on game day(16 starters/4 di)which means that 2 imports and no Canadians will have to be scratched on reserve.That translates to Rice being dressed and most likely imports Davis and Caldwell being the game day scratches.
It is rather interesting that the talk all week was that Figueroa was questionable and it turns out the other OT Olson is IL’ed and Figs is moved over from RT to left to replace him.Lewis who started a couple games earlier in the season comes off PR to start at RT. 2 R.Backs dressed this game,Madu starts and Cdn Palmer added for depth and specials off of PR. Meanwhile Prime is the only FB dressed as back up Dell goes to PR. As already mentioned no depth listed at DE as Nadon goes on 1 gm,just a guess here but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Plesius playing some at End in case of an in game injury to either Norwood or Hickman, Hall could also slide over to End from Tackle with Gaydosh replacing him inside.Laurent returns to the starting lineup after being a game day scratch against the Eskimos. Look for the 4 DI spots to be filled by Medlock,Gainey,Banks and Bowman for the game.

WOW, let me talk about my reading and writing skills as well. No need to be nice when I’m not paying attention. Does the excuse “it’s friday” work in this situation?

At QB, Masoli now 3rd, McGee 2nd. Not sure whether that means anything.

good eye there spike :thup: didn’t even notice that :thup: I like it :smiley: IMO it’s about time !!!

It only works if you’ve started drinking early. :smiley: