Depth Chart -Toronto @ Hamilton Aug.7

terry Caulley gets the start at RB.

Jykine Bradley is still out.

And Chris Bauman is starting over woodcock.

Tony Miles is still out.

Geoff Tisdale replaces Jykine Bradley again at left corner.

There is a mistake at Right DE
Chris Thompson is listed there

Hopefully, it's Nautyn Mc Kay Loesser

lol yea that must be a mistake. i can't see a DB playing DE

8) They did one game last year !!!! :roll:

they did it last game !!!!

Uh, how about the fact that Richie Williams is starting, AGAIN.

Anybody else READ the article in the National Post, yesterday, about the ARGO Defense's REACTION to the POSSIBILITY of RW starting ?

I have been wondering, lately, how Bob feels about Casey's Contract these days.

Although I was ALL for giving Casey as long a leash as POSSIBLE, I'm AFRAID that Casey may NOT be the Casey of OLD we ALL HOPED he would be ...

I am OFFICIALLY beginnig the Quarterback Controversy !! Given our record ... Is it time to let Williams SHINE !?


Thanks for the heads up meanstreak. Nice article.

Here's the part I like:"[i]Richie Williams may be listed as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats backup quarterback, but he is getting first-string respect from the Toronto Argonauts... If you ask some Argos players, it sounds like they may actually prefer to face Printers instead of his 25-year-old understudy.

"Richie scares me more than any other quarterback in this league," Argos cornerback Byron Parker said.

"He brings another element to their game.

"You can't game plan for him because he can run the ball and he can throw the ball. I think he has everything that you want in a quarterback...[/i]"

Excuse me…can we consider the source for a moment?

Anyway, the lineup for tonight doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence in me and I’m sure the blue team isn’t trembling either.

Printers today may indeed not be the guy who left the CFL a few years ago. Sitting on the sidelines for an extended period of time may have dulled his skills permanently. Or perhaps he was playing behind a more talented line, more aggressive receivers, etc.

Well, despite the UNINSPIRING depth chart ... the beloved Black and Gold played some pretty INSPIRED Football. Looks like "THE SOURCE" was fairly RELIABLE here, and the Double Blue had GOOD REASON to be AFRAID ...

Granted, the DEFENSE did STEP UP this eve ... but, this JUST IN :

Richie Williams got SKEEEEEEEEELZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As stated, above ... Let the QB Controversey BEGIN !!!!

Make NO MISTAKE, this is NOT about ONE HOME GAME ... it is about a man who has EARNED HIS STRIPES over the last THREE Seasons in H Town.

SHINE ON, Richie !!!!


Mean one, you called it. If Richie gets a win in Winnipeg then I'll officially endorse a controversy. It will be a nice problem to have.

I don't like to go as far as to say we have a controversy, I like to think we have depth. We haven't had that for many years, if at all.