Depth Chart TiCats @ EDM

8)I agree, we need a real quick, fast back in there to take advantage of at least some running
plays !!

White has been in camp for at least 10 days now. If he can't pick up this offence and be ready
to play by now, when will he be ready ??

Don't be surprised to see him get released without even playing a down for the Cats, once Green
returns to the starting lineup !!

I’m thinking our DBs collectively will have approximately double the experience they did last week.

I remember hearing that it was something like a combined 30 games as starters last week. That’s 18 for Leonard, plus whatever Daly and Brooks had, and zeros for the rookies.

This week we can add 25 games for Breaux plus 4 more for the other guys.

I think the last time Daly started was 2015 when Butler was injured, so he was essentially back to 0 also.

What a waste of a good RB, if they don't give White a chance the play!

They play the best guy that's ready to play. Period. If that was White then he would be in there.

We know nothing at all about how far along White is with the playbook.

I was just looking at this depth chart from 2013. It's just 5 seasons ago, yet only two guys listed are still on the team - Masoli and Stephen, and now Breaux is back, so 3 players left.

It says something that Masoli has lasted this long with one team.

8 days should be more than enough time to get acquainted with the playbook for a RB. I assumed the White signing was a stopgap until Green came back. Last I heard Green was only going to be out for a couple of weeks, so White has really missed his opportunity here if he's not up to game speed/in game shape.

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Actually that depth chart is from early on in that 2013 season . It was actually only I think game 4 or 5 of the Austin era here in Hamilton . There is by my count with Breaux now officially re-signed a total of 8 players left from that 2013 season . Besides Masoli , Breaux and Stephen there is Brandon Banks , Luke Tasker , Simoni Lawence , Mike Filer and Landon Rice .

Simoni was on the team here but was listed on the 1 gm .

Both Filer and Rice are listed as being on the PR .

Tasker and Banks weren't on the team at this time as they were both signed later on in the season .

It's also interesting to note that there are only 7 other players listed on that depth chart that are still active in the league today . That list includes Neil King(Edm) , Rico Murray(Ott) , Joel Figueroa(BC) , CJ Gable(Edm), Josh Bartel(Sask), Greg Ellingson(Ott) , Emanuel Davis(Calg)

I'm very excited to have Toliver back in the line-up. I'm not necessarily expecting him to set the league on fire in his first start, but if he can get back to the level he has played at previously he will be a great weapon for our offence.

In 2016 he went on a bit of a tear in the middle part of the season, after missing a few games early on with an injury. Over a six-game stretch in August and September, he had 34 catches for 675 yards and 6 TDs. He slowed down a bit in the final five games, averaging 5 catches and 64 yards per game with two TDs in total - numbers that would still put him over 1,000 yards over the course of a full season.

When he catches the ball with any kind of space to run, he always looks like he might break it for a big gain.

I think he will really complement the other receivers with the different set of attributes he brings.

Pretty sure Connor was banged up a bit last game since I seen a tweet from a Calgary reporter saying he went to the locker room during the game . Wouldn't make sense for him to be put on one game other wise since we only have 4 DE's .

Can anyone confirm who the TiCat Reserves were last night?
My guess would be E. Wiiliams and Golding. The only other NAT player, on the Active Roster, I don't recall seeing in the telecast was Newton.

I'm thinking that you are right about Williams and Golding being the two reserves . I'm pretty sure I saw #44 Newton out there a few times on Specials . The only other candidate for a reserve spot would've been Okafor our other O-Lineman listed on the depth chart and I do recall seeing him on the sidelines and dressed a number of times during last nights game .

And Whitlock played a lot on defence last night. Not sure who he was replacing, but as he was listed as a starter, i.e., not a designated international, he was able to come into the game to replace either a national or international. Not sure if they played one fewer national when he was in or not.

(I started a thread on that subject on the main CFL forum. Loophole in ratio?)

Looks like the coaches found a good RB in Timmis

You're guess was absolutely correct. E. Williams and Golding were the scratches.