Depth Chart Thursday July 23 @ Montreal

No Airese Currie means that Drisan James will get some playing time.

Khari Long is still hurt, so Garrett Mcintyre gets the start again

Dennis Haley starts at MLB over Otis Floyd, Barrenenchea backs up.

Haley will get a real test by the Allwets, I wonder if the Pope is praying for him. :slight_smile:

i'm really nervous with Haley starting again in the middle.

im excited to see what Drisan James can do though.

I think Haley will do well in the middle and if he doesn't well he will be pretty expendable these days with Pope in town .

I am not convinced that Drisan James is much nor will he play much . I think mcdaniel will play alot and then Ball and James will split time .

I hope to see tehnm using Cobb a bit more like in BC and hope that Porter is abit more aggressive .

It would also be ncie to see Barker getting some game time .

The Bombers were keying a lot on Cobb I think compared with BC the week before who didn't know him as well and what he could do. If the Als do this then we pass more, my guess they will dare us to pass more like the Bombers not respecting the passing game that much. Should be interesting.

I hope David Ball actually gets on the field, now that he made the Depth Chart

I think the coaches agree with you that we will be passing more.

Oskee Wee Wee

We need to get another Import RB on the roster.
Big drop off when Cobb needs a rest.

true, but we do have John Williams, Guillame Allard-Cameus and Andre Sadeghian used to be a RB as well. Don't think they'd waste a roster spot for that just yet.

I agree about Cobb …in the past they had Tre Smith and Caulley so it might just be temporary due to injuries

Here’s Montreal’s depth chart.

Man, that’s a strong and experienced team.

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Like Dan, I too would like to see David Ball dressed against Montreal, where he spent a month or so late last season on the PR. I can't see why he'd be moved from the injured list to the active list if the intention is not to dress him. But that would mean James would have to be the Active but Not Dressed IMP. My guess -- Ball gets his chance. Hope so.

My guess is Ball will not be dressed because James is listed as one of the punt and kick returners

We are going to see alot more of Mcdaniel as a reciever

I'll say they're experienced. Huclack is on their special teams unit. I remember Dan when he was one of our fullbacks in '86.

It looks like Ball is taking Floyd's roster spot.
Does that mean when Floyd comes back, Ball will mysteriously be "injured" again? 8)

8) You should have put a "wink" after your comments about Dan Huclack, otherwise some people on here just might believe you !!!!!! :roll: :wink:


It's not true? :oops: