Depth chart : The Good Guys vs the TWO-COLOURS.....Sink is playing !!!

Depth chart for Friday night tilt in Ottawa vs the TWO-COLOURS.

Sink is listed as backing up Speedy and returning kicks with Williams , McDaniel starting at SB , Green starting at RB , Buren gets his 2nd start at WR . On defence , no changes , still no Tracy or Neill on the D-Line .

2 imports will be game time scratches . My guess looking at the roster the two will likely be John White and Rashad Lawrence .

Here is the TWO-COLOURS depth chart .

The team is looking quite healthy heading into this very important 2 game home and home.
Lawrence often seems open but does not seem to have productive games. He is a logical choice to be scratched.
Looking at the roster for Friday it looks very strong. i just wished the team received more productivity from the Import DE position. If this is my only complaint then we are in great shape!

This kid seemed pretty solid in his debut. Almost looked like a veteran out there. It will be interesting to watch his development.

Some observations :

Ottawa looking pretty shallow in depth and vulnerable in the back end on Defence. Chart showing only 1 reserve DB and 2 reserve LB available .

The D-Line on the other hand showing great depth with 10 players listed across the board .

Former Ti-Cat RB Moses Madu dressing for first time this year backing up starter and league leading rusher William Powell .

Former Ti-Cat draft pick Jacob Scarfone dressing and backing up at WR behind Feoli-Gudino

Key changes there from last week's OTT starting line-up -- DT, RT and CB -- plus back-up changes at DT, DE, and WR.

Hard pressed to find any excuses .

We get their defense banged up. Our money men, Banks, Tasker and Green are together.
Defense is healthy too.

Apart from home field and an injured Harris and Sinopoli you can’t ask for much more than this.

We're missing pieces on the D line, and facing the league's rushing leader (really a tossup between him and Andrew Harris).

I'm optimistic, but if Ottawa's run opens up the pass, it will be a long night for our D. I'd love to see us make long drives to keep their offense off the field, and ideally put Ottawa in a hole early to pressure their offense into "pass first" mode.

And Buren literally came out of nowhere. Very impressive.
Our National depth at receiver went from Barren to Buren in a blink of an eye.

Probably the best guess, bobo. Although, based on passing comments made by Coach Jones, over the past week or so in his meetings with the media, it wouldn’t be a complete shock, to me, if Sinkfield does not dress or even if White does. I find it’s getting more difficult, as time goes by, to judge whether some of the coach’s little thrown-in comments are factual hints, for we fans, or deliberate deceptions for the opposition.

There is no way Sinkfield will not dress. I don't think he will play much on offence but he will be in there to return kicks/punts. I agree with White and Lawrence being the scratches.

With both starting WR positions being manned by Canadians in Jones and Buren and being backed up by Erlington on the chart there is really no need or sense to carry an import in Lawence as a reserve for this game . I'll be personally shocked and disappointed if we don't see number #14 out there and dressed for this all important game tonight.

It would be cool if McDaniel picked up a few key drive extending 2nd down possession type receptions.

The reason why I posted "It wouldn't be a complete shock, to me, if Sinkfield didn't dress" was mostly based on comments by Steve Milton and Coach Jones after the 3 days of prep for Ottawa were completed:

Milton: "It appears, from where I'm sitting, maybe Sink isn't up to speed yet with the offence."

Jones: "I believe that if he played, somebody would tell him what to do and he'd do it just great. I really like him. I think he's going to be a factor before this year's up."

Also, Sinkfield appearing on this game's depth chart isn't really any change from last game. His name wasn't put on that chart, since they knew, for sure, 24 hrs. prior to kickoff that he was not dressing, having just arrived in town. They published a 44 man chart, then named 1 Reserve (Jordan). But Sinkfield was, officially, the 45th player on the Active Roster, and the other Reserve. (45 players has been the TiCat Active Roster norm for the past 3 games after they stopped dressing a 3rd QB))

Inactives: Sinkfield and John White.

Drats!! :frowning:

TiCats warming up in all whites