Depth chart: Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

Here is the depth chart for tomorrows game . Leonard back in at half . Tasker listed as starting but is apparently a game time decision . Tracy still on the 1 gm IL not playing for a 2nd straight game .

more here from 3DN Game Preview…

Here is the depth chart for that other team also coached by a guy named Jones . DC once again a DB in this one . O-Line is seriously thin with only 1 bu listed also D-Backfield showing not much depth. Last but not least no Collaros for tomorrow nights game once again . So not unless these two somehow meet in the play-offs or Grey Cup this year it appears that we will not be seeing a Collaros vs Masoli showdown this season which would've been fun and interesting to watch .

Couplin III is a new name to me. Interesting prospect.

Punt returners better watch out for that #18 guy. Remember Bartel is an ex rugby player

He was an Aussie Rules player, not a Rugby player.

Actually, I was disappointed by his lack of physical play when he was with the Ticats. There were a few times I thought he should have run down and gone for the recovery, but he always seemed to hang back.

I dont remember him going after the ball either, but I do remember him leveling a couple of returners.