Depth Chart(s) for Season Opener @BMO

Congrats. You must be thrilled today.

Tired of seeing Speedy B in there replacing Toliver or anybody .
He doesn't make a catch so he gives the interference WHINE signal every time,
Not a Speedy Fan, get a Muffler on the Pass Interference whine Speedy ..... :cowboy:

8) And it's quite obvious and apparent that Speedy B does not have the same speed and elusivness that he once had !!
   A real marked difference from just 2 years ago !!
8) Ha, truer words were never spoken, BillyDee !!! :lol:

Would love to know how the fact that the OLine couldn't give Zach time to throw, somehow means we have a terrible WR group. Our best player in that group went down on his first reception too.

Why do you post here? Genuinely curious because you clearly are not a fan of the team.

TROLL is why. Likes to see his name in print :rockin:

No way the hit on TT was legal , just saying right to the knee

So anyone that criticizes the team or players shouldn't be posting here.
People are twisting my words - I NEVER said they were terrible so plse don't change my words.
We have the worst receiving corps in the East, that was my original comment, but of course people twist words and then use the "troll thing"
The Argos have a better receiving corps, the Als have a better receiving corps, the RBs have a better receiving corps!!
why is that so hard to understand or comprehend. :? :?
That doesn't mean that Tasker is not a great receiver or that TT is not a good receiver or Banks as a great backup.
It just means that as a receiving corps they are not the best in the East and not a good as the other three.

I throw stuff out there all the time and every once in a while I get something right. :smiley:

Although, in this case I wish I was wrong and that each of those guys had pick 6s.