Depth Chart(s) for Season Opener @BMO

Ours isn't up yet, but the blue boys is. Rico Murray, Cassius Vaughn and Johnny Jr. all starting against their old team:

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Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
As far as I can tell, #Ticats only have 6 national starters listed on depth chart. They will likely use Vaughn or Capicciotti to get to 7.

A few thoughts:

  • In the case of Murray and Sears, I don't think anyone ever said they weren't good enough to play for us. I took their departures to be part of a move by the team to part ways with guys who had been injured a lot, given the devastating impact of injuries on our team over the past few years. (Also see Owens, Chad - currently on the Sask 6-game list.)

  • Sears in particular seem to be very good in the short bursts of the few games he plays each year, so I hope Zach keeps this in mind.

  • Vaughn may well be better suited to LB than he was to CB. Though presumably our coaches also considered that possibility, and decided we had better options.

  • Last year's season opener was notable for all the D-linemen the Argos had raided from our roster, and it was tough watching the ex-Ticats in double blue. As of today, there is no sign of Bryan Hall, Justin Hickman or Brian Bulcke on their roster.

  • If Jeff Mathews thought he was switching teams to move up the depth chart from #3 QB to something higher, so far his aspirations have not been realized.

Both the CFL and the Boatmen both know if they don't win this game maybe nobody will show up for the next one. The Blue Team have to win games to stay alive. :cowboy:

Let's hope that there is no favouritism by the third team on the field and, heaven forbid, by the team in the booth. :cowboy: :cowboy: :roll:

Recent addition Aaron Berry has been activated, from the practice roster. And, moved to the injured lists are:

Joining Aprile on the 6 game - Golson, Emanuel Davis, Butler, and Gill.
On the 1 game - Kanneh, Collins, Lyn, Connor and Atkinson.

1 NAT and 1 INT to be scratched from the active 46 prior to the game.

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Davis on 6 gm is bad news. :frowning:

Good read from Drew here on the game

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TSN play-by-play: Rod Black and Duane Forde

Referee: Andre Proulx

Weather: Partly cloudy, 20 degrees C, with a 40 per cent chance of thundershowers, winds out of the west at 30 km/h

TSN play-by-play: Rod Black and Duane Forde

Referee: Andre Proulx

Weather: Partly cloudy, 20 degrees C, with a 40 per cent chance of thundershowers, winds out of the west at 30 km/h

Oh great!!! :roll: :lol: :lol:

We better hope in Hell that there isn't any close calls in this game that have to be reviewed by the Command Centre .
Old half in the bag "Sleepy" Jeff Harbin and his double scotches and double vision will no doubt do his damnedest to screw us over and give the win to the Blah team. Let's face it the league doesn't really want us going in there like last year and bursting their bubble and kicking the shat out of them once again . Hopefully if they do happen to win , it will be because they outplayed us fair and square and not because of the on field officials or that insomniac pickled drunk running the command centre has had as usual one double scotch too many and once again blows a replay call. :x

8) Even if the Boatman win, they still won't have anybody at their next home game !!
    Don't you know that Toronto fans look on the CFL as a minor league !!

   They think they are a world class city!

It looks like we will have to have a steady rotation on the D-Line in order to maintain our ratio .
Look for a duo combo to be in effect such as when Tracy is in then Coleman is out and replaced by Vaughan and when Tracy is out then Capicciotti is in alongside Coleman . Essentially it's looking like the 7 Cdn starters will be Filer , Bomben , Revenberg on the O-Line , Jones at WR on Offence . The D side of the ball will be Stephen at S , Laurent at DT and a combination of Capicciotti and Vaughan rotating and subbing in , in different combos and packages throughout the game .

Probable D-Line rotation for tomorrows game :

DE- Chick / Tracy..............DT - Laurent / Vaughan
DE- Chick / Capicciotti.....DT - Laurent / Coleman
DE - McGough / Tracey...DT - Laurent / Coleman
DE - Chick / Capicciotti....DT - Vaughan / Coleman

Team could also move Courtney Stephen to corner and play Daly or Langa at Safety

I got the impression that they'd rather make sure Daly is fresh for ST duty rather than having him start at safety AND play STs - especially since he had a bit of an injury during training camp. I'm sure they don't want that coming back. I do think there'll be a steady rotation of Vaughn, Capiciotti and McGough who is also listed behind one of the starting DEs.

Very tough luck with Davis though - I'd hoped he might be back by week 3 for the home opener after the bye week. :frowning: Of course he can always come off the 6 game early... Maybe Kanneh will be back for the opener.

I do agree with you about Murray and Sears - especially the latter who I think spent more time on the IL during his time in Hamilton than he did on the field. He certainly was good enough WHEN he was healthy. I don't recall Vaughn being injured - just ineffective although he did seem to be improving the longer he played but they obviously found options that are just as good - or better.

[quote="Grover"] ....... Good read from Drew here on the game

[url=] ... s-v-argos/[/url]

" ....... There are a few former Alouettes as well, including last year’s CFL Most Outstanding Defensive Player Bear Woods and defensive tackle Alan-Michael Cash."

I think a certain WR might have deserved mention in that sentence, too.

The starting D-line will be Capicciotti, Coleman, Laurent and Chick and then the rotating will begin, keeping the D-lineman fresh. On another note I’m still pissed that three all-star calibre defensive starters are out to start the season. Butler, Davis and Kanneh would make a huge difference if they were playing. This injury curse has got to end sometime, doesn’t it???

Hopefully with a very strong "D" line up against a QB who is not very mobile the Dbs shouldn't have to do too much.

I sure hope the 'Cats "worst receivers in the East" (right Slim)... LOL... can have a good game.

Leonard, Rogers and Davis in the secondary will have to show something early or this could be a long game. Leonard, who I believe wore 37 in PS games showed some decent coverage and some great tackling. He's one to watch.

Front 7 must get to Ray or the three above might be in trouble.

LOL - My comment was proven right, yes the Cat's have the "worst receiving corps in the East" I know it hurts but it's the truth. Also the worst bunch of DBs