Depth Chart, Roster, Peguese in, Who's out?

According to this report, Peguese is dressing:

[url=] ... 01091.html[/url]

Does that mean Boudreaux is one of the Reserves?

The Roster is showing 48 Active and doesn't match the Depth Chart, which is unusual. Kelly is on the chart, but listed as Injured on the roster. It's the reverse for Colclough -- Active on the roster, not on the chart. The other 2 extras on the roster, not on the chart, are Ronnell Brown and Eiben, both of whom I expect should have been moved to Injured., with the publication of the chart.

From the chart, as it is, the Reserves would most likely be Charbonneau-Campeau, Kelly (or Colclough), Tisdale and ...... Boudreaux, I guess.

Any chance they're being extra deceptive and would go so far as to throw Colclough in cold? And, if they did that, who'd sit out for him?

Darcy Brown is listed as one of the Eskimos' 46, but may not be one of their 42. Lots to look for in warm-ups today.

My guess either Brandon Boudreaux or Bruce Davis will not dress in the defensive line grouping. Ray, Tisdale or Graham will sit out of the secondary. Might want to dress Ray against the run heavy Eskimos. One of Bakari Grant or Aaron Kelly at WR will sit.

It says in this blog post that R. Brown and Eiben are not on the active roster after being moved to the injured list: ... -prez.html

But I see that both players are on the active roster at this time I'm posting this:

I thought the roster page would have been updated by now.

Anyway, I see that on the depth chart, Tisdale is listed as a backup to Graham, just as he was last week. So he may be scratched again. I still don't know why Graham played last week and Tisdale did not.