for some reason talman gardner is starting at wideout and nat curry is at slotback

but thyron anderson is starting

and sandy beveridge is starting at safety while karikari is still at defensive back

i dont agree with the receiving corp but...i am not the one who makes it so...

wat are ur thoughts?

Shows Maas starting as well.

yea i no but i have a feeling they just put maas down as the starter but chang is starting

Actually it shows Maas in the first spot, but his name is not in capitals which denotes a starter. Meh maybe I'm just reading too much into it. :wink:

Please note that Charlie Taaffe has not yet named a starter for Saturday's game.

Guess I wasn't reading too much into to it after all. :smiley:

i dont agree with the receiving corp but...i am not the one who makes it so...
I love when people make a statement similar to this but then shy away from offering what they would like to or what their opinion is.

Mackay-Loescher is listed as a back up, with Dunbrack starting at left end. Collier is also listed as a backup. As is Tay Cody. One would have to assume that one or all 3 are still injured and may not be on the active roster. This could get ugly real fast...

No you are correct Borehamgirl. just took another look and his name is not in caps.. so still have to wait and see I guess

Looks like Karikari is starting at HB because of Young’s brain-fart. He is a great S, but he is probably a better HB than anyone else available on the team…

Nautyn Mc Kay Loescher is slightly injured
[ back spasms? ] and backs up Hodges at D.E

Roger Dunbrack takes Nautyn's D.E. spot
backed up by Andrew Collier

Tay Cody is nicked up, also, so

Tay Cody will back up Delgardo at one HB spot

Richard KariKari still starts as the other HB

Sandy Beveridge is starting safety.

The Quarter Backs will be informed
who gets the start at game time.

It we be Jason Maas..he seemed to be
very focussed in practice this week.

He looked crisp behind Centre.

He moved around, made quicker reads
and released the ball more quickly.

Always thought Dunbrack was a tackle ... didn't know he could play end.

Or maybe he can't and this is a "bandaid" ... we'll see.

dunbrack always played on the end even the games he started usually it was belli/peterson at tackle. dunbrack cheatwood at the ends

Dunbrack is a tad too small for tackle. He has DE size..

I agree that he has been a tackle and is still listed on this site as a tackle....he's listed as 270 as well which is big enough...I think playing end will be a change for him if it does in fact happen.

To be considered a 'starter', the Q.B. only needs to take the first snap of the game.

He could leave the field after that, for the rest of the game. He would still have been considered the 'starter'.

It's a 60 minute game, and the starter's role could last less than 5 seconds.

I think Anderson is going to go out and really roast some Al DBs tonight. You have to expect a serious edge from him against his previous team.

just hope he does it tommorrow too lol.
anderson is pretty inconsistent but he may be the deep threat we need if the oline gives our qb time to throw and even more we need to set up the running game early to be able to open it up in the 1st place.

I think Anderson and French will get a lot of balls thrown their way.

And I really like how our D is looking. Glad to see Collier back, Dunbrack getting a start and Bekasiak in the thick of things again. I think these guys, along with Glasper, Moreno and Armour, will be all over Calvillo.

I doubt very much if French will even be playing in this game. Anderson comes in for Arceneaux and French will be one of the four players sitting out for this game, as he has since the season started.