I have no idea why PEGUESSE is not playing this game .
He is the only guy on this team that can get to the QB !!!

The only other guy was Bruce Davis and they let him go

what's up with this ?
I hope it's an mild injury ?

I know they want to have a look at Summers but not at Peguesse's expence ..sit Boudreau or Peach

Are you really surprised? Bone head has no clue. I obviously am not a fan of the coach but until he show something to prove otherwise he will not get any poive words from me.

Peguese has a hand injury.

Even though I think Creehan is a poor defensive coordinator, it would be nice to see what this defense could do when healthy. Knowlton comes back and we lose J.J, Davis comes back and we lose Peguese.

Having Bo Smith back is huge. Regardless of what people thought of him prior to this season, he was playing at an all-star level this year before he got hurt . Dude was rarely giving up completions.

Hopefully they can find a way to get Domonique Harris on the field more, Kevin Eiben is non-existent.

Totally agree on all points. I noticed a few times early in the season that Smith was looking back to the football, and actually making a play for it. I suspect that him not looking back last year was a result of coaching rather than poor technique. Note that we had similar complaints about a number of our DBs, which supports that possibility. Personally, I thought he was our best DB last year and early this year, especially when you think that he was usually sent out against the the other teams' top receivers.

And I never did figure out why they went after Eiben. I haven't been impressed with him for a couple of years now. Non-import or not, players have to able to play their position, and Eiben has lost a few steps and just doesn't cut it anymore.

Peach has got to have pictures of somebody in a compromising position! I know he was the big free agent signing for the defence but he is a joke. Maybe if Creehan's defensive ends contained, rather than pinching down, we might stop the jet sweeps and reverses or possibly sack the quarterback. :x

Pat Lynch( I grow weary)

If his hand hurts cast it up...
This is the biggest game of the year, lose and your out, players play through pain all the time. I'm sure he would play if the team let him the coaches are just to stupid to put the best guys out there.

Bo Shmo. Don't know why you guys are so high on him. We should have signed some of the FA DBs over the off season. Is Jykine Bradley available?

I agree. But, how much of a factor is using the hand to leverage your opponent?

But how injured is the hand. It might not be a case of putting a cast on it and getting out there. Clearly he is injured enough that the team doesn't think he will be effective. I wouldn't draw conclusions that the team won't let him play and if they did he would. We simply do not know the extent of the injury.

Looking at the roster changes, it appears there have been 3 unannounced departures this week:
DE Jacquies Smith (played 2 games)
DL Monte Lewis
QB Chester Stewart
Might see one or more again next June.

Any questions about the depth chart NOW?