Depth Chart @ Ottawa

Brooks becomes #4 to start @ SLB this year.
No back-up @ RB

No backup for Gable?? :o

Gable on KR also

I see Tyms and Sheuerman on the 1 game IL

somebody bubble-wrap Courtney Stephen and CO Prime for the next 48 hours!

Took a break from the forum...much needed just enjoyed the victory organically lol Ended up leaving cus I had to work and couldn't stick out the of course they won and probably won't win another home game all year just because the world hates me:(

But my biggest takeaway from this depth no more Ellis at linebacker. I don't know if he's hurt but dude has been killing me. I don't think he was ever well suited to play linebacker, and that play where he just gave up for unknown reasons was last straw for me. I was still in the crowd at that point and everyone's face was priceless lol

2ez: Ellis was injured in the 3rd Qtr. and was 1 of 4 players put on the 6-Game Injured List on Wednesday. (also NATs Aprile, Timmis & Thomas-Erlington)

Looked back to see if the Cats have ever, in recent years, gone with only 1 RB and 1 FB dressed.
The most recent would be a couple of games in Oct. '14 when Mossis Madu, now a RedBlack, was the only dressed RB.

I heard MAYBE Ellis has a foot injury. Maybe his concentration left his body and fell on his foot on that horrible play where he just kind of forgot that he was playing in a football game

The play where Ellis stopped was due to a fan in the stands with a whistle. On that same play I thought the refs had whistled it dead and wondered why the players were still running.

I bet that Will Hill would look pretty good at that spot. :-[

"Everyone deserves a 2nd chance"

Thank you so it wasn't unknown, my bad I haven't watched any highlights or replays of the broadcast. I sit in the upper deck and it's pretty rowdy while on defence so with cowbells and everyone going it just looked like he gave up. I assumed he thought he heard a whistle, was only logical explanation but from the stands I was livid lmao

Interesting... I didn't hear a whistle, but that could explain it. I just figured he thought he had no chance on the play and was conserving energy.

(thought he was actually having a good game after the delay in the 2nd and 3rd until he got hurt)

Lol still love Will Hill the football player, but done with him as a member of any organization I love. He is a cancer, apparently was skipping meeting and practices or showing up late, he's a wreck off the field and sometimes on the field as we witnessed.

He'd be making tackles no doubt, but he'd also be racking up 15 yarders like they're going out of style lol

4th row 5 yard line, couldn't hear it either.

I was thinking same thing actually, I was like on TV maybe he's not as bad lol but I've had an issue with him for a while now, he did get hurt? I musta missed that what happened?

in his defense.... (and just for the sake of argument...) at least when he took a 15 yard penalty, he usually got his money's worth on it. (ref handling aside...)

Is that on the side that the play happened cus if I remember correctly that was around the 30-20 yard line.

Also lmao bout Hill, you've got that right at least. Dudes got a mean streak in him what makes him such a great player when he's actually focusing on football.

the non bench side.... i think its the east side? it's the side that feels like the north side at Ivor Wynne....

and yes, i was the idiot in the stands screaming at the defense to start getting value on the 15 yarders if they refs were going to call roughing the passer on anyone within a yard of Ricky Ray

To bad the new return guy Willie Quinn is unable to suit up. I don't like Gable at kick return.

Not single change, from their last game, among starters, for the RedBlacks. Must be nice.
Ellingson, Reed, Madu, Gascon-Nadon, Omara & Maher are all looking forward to this one, I'm sure.

Here's hoping they dress Ricky Collins Jr. with Tyms out. He was a good returner when he was with Saskatchewan. I'd rather have Collins in the line-up than the rookie Aultman at this point. One of the two will be the import game day scratch.

Looking at that depth chart…BOY OUR WR SUCK!