Depth Chart - @ Ottawa - October 31st, 2014

Depth chart for Hamilton's upcoming game versus Ottawa can be found here; ... otes-stats

Changes from last week;

ON: DT Ted Laurent
OFF: LB Christopher Johnson

As far as positions, they've flipped Figueroa back to Left Tackle with Olson backing him up & have Lewis slotted in at Right Tackle. This is a good move in my opinion.

fenderguy figs has been playing left tackle for quite some time now maybe 5 or 6 games

Good to see Laurent back

Figueroa played Right Tackle last week in Toronto. They had Olson at Left Tackle. They scratched Lewis.

Tweet From Drew Edwards @scratchingpost · Oct 25 #Ticats will scratch OL Jeremy Lewis vs. #Argos. Joel Figueroa will play RT, Jake Olsen at left. Practiced that way most of the week. #CFL

The depth chart for the toronto game has figs at left tackle if it was switched it would have been because of injury to the right tackle or he could not go at game time .Figs is our left tackle now just saying

There wasn't an injury. They decided to go with the combination of Olson & Figueroa instead of Lewis & Figueroa. Olson has only played LT since being here. Figueroa has played both. So they put Olson @ LT & Figueroa @ RT. I personally didn't think it worked. Obviously they think that too. So they've gone back to Figueroa @ LT & Lewis back in @ RT ... on paper at least. Will see game time I guess.

no Fantuz? :cry:
Are the number of "imports" on the field limited and if so is the number the same for offense and defense?

Of the 24 starters on a team, a minimum of seven starters will be nationals players. When applied to a starting roster of a team it breaks down as follows (when using the minimum number of national players):

1 QB
16 international players
7 starting national players

from cfl website.

not sure if that actually answered your question but honestly i dont understand (or like) the rule but thats for another thread

Thanks for the info, you have answered the key part of the question, the other part, the starting national players can be either offense or defense as long as the minimum starters are 7, is that right?

8) You are right, Olson was a disaster in the Argo game !! :oops:

i believe that to be the case but not 100% sure. there are many on here that can break it down for you though

Anyone know about Ellingson's injury? It seems like whenever he is injured and not playing there is very little info as to his status. Or maybe I'm just missing it.

That is correct challenger99.

Yes, the rule has some complexities but the result boils down to saying that of the 24 starters on offense and defense total, 7 have to be Nationals. So tomorrow the Cats will be starting Nationals Laurent, Butler and Stephen on D and Nationals Filer, O'Neill, Giguere and Prime on O. So the Cats will have to play 3 Nationals on D all game and 4 Nationals on O all game tomorrow. You may notice that the offensive depth chart lists 13 players. That is because often Prime will be off in favour of a receiver and to keep the number at 4 Nationals on offense his replacement will have to be a National. The depth chart says it will be Coates.

We want to Thank You for putting up with our questions and taking the time to answer them. We continue to learn, makes each game more interesting.
We would like to make one comment, as we look thru the various Posts we see an occasional "bush" reference, from our standpoint YOUR League is the CFL Professional Football League, made up of professional players, coaches and fans!

Pretty much correct. There must be at least seven national players on the field across the offence and defence. And the minimum number on offence and minimum number on defence can't change once the game starts, except on special team plays.

As I said, "in effect". The actual rule doesn't say anything about national players, as the restriction is on international players, limiting the number of starting internationals to 16, divided between the offence and defence. The remaining four internationals, the designated internationals, can play on special teams without restriction, but can only come into the game on regular plays if one of the starting internationals on the same side of the ball (offence or defence) is off the field.

In effect, it works out pretty much the same in most cases. It gets a little interesting when a team has a starting international player who can play both offence and defence. But the seven national player interpretation is close enough.

So a Coach not only has to plan his lineup based on ability but also balance out national/international starters and backup.
I like the fact there has to be Canadians on the rosters of the CFL!

i like that there are Canuckleheads on the team aswell Challenger, but only if they are the best players for that position.

It's another thing that makes the league unique. According to Bob Young, the owner (or in his words, the caretaker) of the Ticats, a number of sports leagues around the world have asked the CFL for advice on implementing nationality rules. Apparently, many leagues worldwide see that having local players is important.

But support for the rule is definitely not unanimous among CFL fans. A number of threads have been started to discuss the topic, and at times it seems that every other thread ends up touching on the topic, often getting totally sidetracked. If you're up for it, there's 26 pages of comments, both for and against, on the topic here - Another 5 pages here - - and 9 more here - OK, maybe that's a little too much to read, but it does give you an idea of the level of debate over the rule up here. People either love the rule, or they hate it.