Depth Chart Oct 22

Changes from last week:

DeWitt (PR)
Steele (IR)
James (MIA)
Brown (IR)

Hebert (DB)

Fournier was released which I find odd at this point in the season. Perhaps he requested it? Anyone know where Shannon James is at?

It was reported earlier in the week that he was absent (with permission, I believe) over family issues. I'd guess that he'll be registered with the league as Disabled or Suspended, until he returns.

WOW Hebert at DB ...Does anyone have any idea how he would be used . If it is 2knd and long would they go with 6 DB's then ..IF so then only 3 Dlineman or would Floyd coem off the field ?

I know we will use him on specialty teams

Boy , i would not want to be a kick returne with Baggs, Jamal , Mcintyre and Hebert coming down the field ..Ike Brown can also put on a hurtin

I am guessing Hebert will replace Shannon on the roster and not Ike brown eventually when Ike gets back ...Better is Better ..i say go get bowman who was relaeased and have a look at him as an extra receiver instead of FISH

Seriously? The guy gets cut from the worst team in the league and you want to bring him here. We already have a backup receiver who can't catch. Fish's potential is greater than Bowman's record.


From CFL Transactions, Oct. 21:

ROSTER 21-Oct-10
HAM TFR TO DISABLED IMP Shannon JAMES (DB) Massachusetts


ED grabs Fourny. :frowning: