Depth Chart Now Posted

I noticed that the depth chart is now posted for the Argos game tomorrow. It is interesting that Jason French has been activated but not Thyrone Anderson.

Mckay gets the nod starting a defensive end.

And that Chang is listed as the starting QB ahead of Maas.

Just kidding :lol: Dam dyslexia!

Hamilton Offence
Left Tackle
64 Donnelly, R.
Left Guard
62 HAGE, M.
Right Guard
65 COOK, D.*
67 Dyakowski, P.
Right Tackle
59 DAVIS, J.*

Wide Receiver
80 RALPH, B.
89 Getzlaf, C.
15 French, J.
11 MAAS, J.*
7 Chang, T.*
17 Williams, R.*
77 WALKER, J.*
8 Arceneaux, A.*
Wide Receiver
84 CURRY, N.*
87 Bauman, C.

Running Back
3 Holmes, C.*
5 Davis, A.*
33 Radlein, J.

CAPS: Starters

The depth chart includes the 4 players who will be on the reserve list, so it doesn't necessarily mean French is active.

Mc Kay Loescher and J.P. Bekasiak Start on the D-line

Q Caver > practice roster...Clinton Wayne backs up J.P

Ryan Glasper replaces Renard Cox at OLB

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Talman Gardner replaces the departed Ralph Alston at WR

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my favourite part about the depth chart for 2moros game is dickerson starting at fullback instead of the overated radlein. he cant get yards and cant block that well.

Radelein's hands are suspect. Maybe losing his starting position to Dickerson for a game will remind him that EVERY ball Maas throws to him HAS to be caught.

With Loescher, Glasper and Bekaskiak starting, our pressure on the QB should get better. And maybe losing his starting spot to Bekasiak will light a fire under Wayne.

I'm also interested to see if Gardner can have a breakout game.

im not worried about radleins hands who cares about them he shuldnt get the ball thrown to him. if they are throwing to a back put lumsden and holmes in not radlein. im more worried about radleins blocking and running. hes not a good blocker and NOT good at running the rock. if hes so good i think we should trade him for somthing mayb a 3rd round pick and a defensive lineman

Maybe someone should remind MAAS that every ball THROWN must be CATCHABLE!!

The one Radlein dropped against Calgary hit him in the hands, therefore it was catchable. A starter should make that play every time.

Ticats , Radelin made a few very nice runs after short dump passes . I dont know which game you were watching !!!

I think Dickerson gets the nod over Radelin because of the fact that the guy is an absolute monster!

The man is gigantic and if what Coach Taaffe is truthful about wanting to run the ball heavily against the Argos' three man front, then it makes perfect sense to me. He is like a sixth offensive lineman!

Plus, from watching Dickerson, he seems to be more comfortable lining up in various positions which is something I haven't seen from Radelin in the past.

I guess we will find out on saturday night!

  • paul

since he's a WR and not a natural fullback one would assume he'd be more comfortable catching the ball... and when you're that big i guess blocking just comes easy. lol