Depth Chart - Nov. 15 vs. July 2

Beveridge starting over Barker was a real pet peeve for me last season. It doesn't surprise me that experience is valued over talent by the DC, but I will predict that this will be the Achilles heel for the Ticats this year. It may not show against weaker teams but when we play Montreal or Edmonton, maybe Calgary too, those QBs will dissect the Hamilton secondary because Sandy can't cover. He can't tackle reliably either from the safety spot although he's Ok on special teams. I hope at the very least it works into a platoon deal where they share the position, because Dylan needs PT to become the star he has the potential to be. I said it many times last year, Sandy Beveridge is not the starting safety on a Grey Cup contender so until I'm proven wrong I don't see Hamilton winning a Grey Cup anytime soon, JMHO.

Okay coach..

Yes we are starting 10 because we have to! not that they deserve to start. Should be the best player to win the job, Canadian or Jamaican or American not because we have to give them a job but because they earned it.

Who didn't earn it?

They ain't playing with Obie around if they didn't 100% earn it.

Once again jaybird plays the crazy card.