Depth Chart - MTL - September 21st (Moncton)

Depth chart is up for this weekend's TouchDown Atlantic game for the TiCats versus Montreal.

[url=] ... otes-stats[/url]

Quite a few changes.

ON: Barnes, Bussey, Gascon-Nadon, Lauther, Lawrence, Rogers, Plesius
OFF: Breaux, Crawford, Figueroa, Greene, Moore, Stephen, Webb

Barnes in at Boundary Corner for Breaux.
Murray moves back to Field Side DB for Webb.
King in at Safety for Stephen.
Lauther in at Kicker for Congi as we already know.

Dile in for Figueroa.

Plesius back in the lineup.
Gascon-Nadon on the 46.

Newcomer Kendial Lawrence listed second on depth at RB.
Tavoy Moore not dressing.

Jones returning punts. Lawrence on kicks. I'm guessing Gable will be back on kick-offs as well.

Will update with "Keys To Beating Montreal" now that we have the line-up.

Alverado in , Congi out....

That's a lot of change, particularly at this point in the season -- 7 off, 7 on and 5 starters this week who weren't in the same spot last week ..... plus the kicker change and K. Lawrence, with Jones, replacing T. Moore on returns and, among those added this week are 4 who will play their first CFL game. Wow!

Missed one. Make that 5 playing their first CFL game, if they all dress -- Barnes, Rogers, K. Lawrence, Lauther & Gascon-Nadon

And here's Montreal's ...

[url=] ... 092405.pdf[/url] [url=] ... rts/team/9[/url]

Not a lot of changes for the Als. Starters on D are exactly the same as last week. Only big change on that side of the ball is that Kyries Hebert is back from the IR and listed as a backup at WILL LB.

Neiswander gets the start @ QB, otherwise the Als starting Offense is the same as last week as well.

At least our front seven are intact. But all those changes in the secondary make me really nervous. As does Dile in at RT. (Aren't glad you use Dile? Uh, actually, no.)

Trying to decide if I need to change my pick in VGCC. It's not like roam field advantage will help....

8) Looking forward to seeing newcomer Kendial Lawrence play. Last RB cut from the Cowboys, and has outstanding speed
  and quickness.

  In his senior year at Missouri, he rushed for 2,679 yds. for a 9.4 average per carry, and also scored 43 touchdowns !!!

  He has only been in camp for about 9 days, but Austin is very high on him !!

  His start pushes Tavoy Moore, who has been a major disappointment so far, back to the practice roster !!

I wonder with the addition of this Lawrence fella at back-up R.B. and K.R. just what is going on with Walker???? He has been a healthy scratch for most of the year,and appears to be the forgotten man in the rotation.I wonder if maybe,he could be in the "Austin" Doghouse as of late for whatever reason.Earlier in the year,he was scratched for Lamar then Moore and now for Lawrence.Maybe Austin is holding on to him as possible trade bait,or maybe he's just not showing enough in practice to warrant getting his job back.Can anybody who maybe goes to practices or has some inside scoop maybe fill us all in on possibly why Walker isn't dressing or even being considered as a replacement for Moore,maybe he's got a nagging injury that has him banged up a bit that were not aware of,there has to be a logical answer as to why he's not dressing for games.We could certainly use his break away speed on K.R. as well as out of the backfield on screen and bubble passes and a 1-2 punch with Gable in the rushing department.

Looking at the 46,scratches most likely to be R.B-Walker,K-Congi,DE-Marshall,MLB-Bussey
Surprised at all the lineup changes for this game,seems like just when were getting healthy,a brand new batch are heading to the I.L. Hopefully all will be healthy and ready to go come the play-offs.

But WHICH all will we be playing? We almost have 2 teams between the PR, IR, and guys we have hanging around.

Yes, WHY???

72 players listed between active 46,1 gm I.L. 9 gm I.L. and p.r. LOL !!! Lots to choose from,thats for sure.Variety is the spice of life as they say!!! 26 extra players on both I.L.'s and P.R.

WOW, great numbers his senior year. Not close to accurate but great numbers...

Lawrence had the best season of his four-year career at Missouri during the 2012 season, as he earned career-highs in almost every major statistical category. He accumulated 1,025 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns on 200 rushing attempts, as well as 114 yards receiving and 18 receptions out of the backfield. Found this Highlite Package,Kendial Lawrence !!! Impressive!!!!

Contrary to popular opinion (i.e. on this board), Walker has never returned punts for us. The roster spot in question calls for a punt returner, who also serves as backup RB. Apparently the team doesn't see Walker as a returner.

Those are/were his stats for his senior year in high-school ... Not at Mizzou.

Though I agree with you as well, looking forward to seeing what he can do. His signing was a little overshadowed by C.O. Prime signing/announced at the same time.

He looks a lot like C.J.Gable

8) Yes, you and Iceman are right, I was reading his stats from his senior year in high school !!
  Sorry about that.   But those are still pretty amazing numbers, even for high school !!!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

From the depth chart Lawrence will not be returning punts either, it will be Jones. But maybe Lawrence is backing up Jones as a PR, and if Walker is seen as not being able to do that, it helps make the choice. My own guess is that the key perceived weakness in Walker is blocking the pass rush.

Besides special teams issues (Lawrence and Lauther), to me the big thing is whether King can play safety. He has been the listed backup to Stephens for a few games, but I thought if Stephens got injured, they would use Bucknor who though undersized for the position, played it a bit last year. But last game when Stephens went out, King went in. I am not sure whether it had anything to do with the secondary problems in the last Calgary TD, but it concerns me.