Depth Chart - MTL - October 20th, 2013

Depth Chart is up over at ... otes-stats

ON: Delahunt, Giguere, Speller
OFF: Filer, Lauther, Shipman

No Changes to last week's depth chart on Defense. JJ listed as starting at MLB as he was last week. I'm sure he's healthier this week and will be a go for the game.

Very little changes to starting line-up on Offense as well.

Delahunt listed as starting FB.
Giguere listed as back-up to Fantuz.
Tasker still listed as SB.

Congi kicking as we knew.

Game-Day scratches will be interesting to see who truly is healthy.

I was surprised by the activation of Speller after just two practices with the team but just read his player profile here which points out something I don't recall reading or hearing anywhere -- he was claimed off B.C.'s practice roster and so, by rule, he has to be dressed for this game. Now, I'm wondering if maybe Dile is injured and that, too, has been kept quiet.

Looking back over reports from earlier this week, I see that I missed Drew Edwards' mention of the fact that Speller was claimed from B.C.

Apologies for going three in a row here. But, I may have been wrong, two posts above, in saying that Speller has to be "dressed" for this game. Not sure, but the rule may, more likely, be that he has to be one the 46-man active roster for this game, so he may be of 4 non-dressing Reserves.

You're right OttawaCat ... He has to be put on the "Active" Roster ... he can not dress and be part of the 4 man reserve.

Montreal's Depth Chart

[url=] ... 102841.pdf[/url]

In C.J. Gable's 13 games as a TiCat ... 7 wins ... 6 losses

In the losses he averages 10.334 touches for 86.167 yards and .667 of a TD per game.

In the wins he averages 18.167 touches for 133.667 yards and 1.167 TD's per game.

That's a 75% difference in terms of touches & TD's and a 55% different in terms of yards.

Key #1 ... Get the ball into the hands of CJ Gable!!!

Cause or effect? Did we lose because we didn't give him the ball? Or did we not give him the ball because we were losing?

I wonder if he wasn't being given the ball much because he was still becoming comfortable with the CFL game and the offense. Now that he has that comfort level, he is running away with the game and becoming a key contributor on offense. It is possible that the lack of running game contributed to some losses. Remember we were also without both FBs for a few games too. Since Diedrick has come back Gable has been much more involved in the game.

It can be looked at both ways. If we were talking purely about "rushing" stats, then I would say it's mostly the later ... an effect that he didn't get rushing attempts because the team was in a trailing/losing position. Teams generally rush more while winning in order to control time of possession. Nothing new here.

CJ's rushing attempts go from an average of 6.833 in game losses to 12 in game wins. His average yardage increases by 20 yards per game. Yet his average falls almost 2 yards per attempt. This also tells me that CJ was running fine ... they just didn't give him the ball enough.

As far as receptions ... his average receptions per game actually don't vary much when looking at game wins versus game losses. But his average yards per receptions does increase by 2 yards per during team wins.

So in the end ... I think it's a little of both ... Cause & Effect. His rushing numbers are definitely the result of more attempts later in the game in an effort to salt away a victory. Yet, I think it's also a cause of a loss when they abandon the running game too early.

I'm sure we can all agree that when Austin & Condell balance their play calling and the team is effectively balanced in their run/pass ratio ... They are a much, much, much better team and formidable!

Hit the nail on the head. I do believe this is the real reason. And I'm no genius or savant ... I recall Austin making that same assessment & has said as much.

Looking at depth chart,I see that it consists of 21 imp/22cdn,meaning that 2 of each will be reserved for the game.It's hard to tell right now,but my guess is that the reserves will be Campeau and Delahunt(?)CDN and Tasker and Spelling IMP
The only reason I say Delahunt is that the Scratching Post's Edwards stated that he's a maybe,which means game time decision,Campeau is the obvious choice for the other cdn reserve with Giguere back in lineup.As for the 2 imports as stated Spelling by rule has to be added to the 46 man,but can be reserved for game time,Tasker apparently hasn't practiced all week and is a little dinged up,and Giguere back will most likely not dress.If my scenario is correct,that means that Walker will finally suit up again as back-up to Gable,after being a healthy scratch most of the season,also the O-Line will only have one reserve Reinders who will be dressing for only his 2nd game as a Cat,the other reserve Filer is now on the p.r. I could be wrong on these changes and reserves,if anybody else has different scenarios on this subject please post.The game day 42 should be very interesting this game,will just have to wait an see how Austin and the coaching staff work things out for this crucial contest. GO CATS GO !!!!!!! Remember a Cat always wins in a fight with a bird :thup: :thup: :slight_smile: :rockin: :cowboy:

The declaration of the Reserves will indeed be interesting this week.

Among Imports, at least two won't dress, picked most likely, I'd say, from -- Walker, Speller, Tasker, Bussey and, less likely, Collins. I continue to wonder about the claiming of Speller from B.C.'s PR, this week, if he wasn't needed now. Could it be that Dile is hurt and a question mark? If Speller and Tasker are Reserves, as most speculation would suggest, then Walker would be in uniform for the first time in over two months. There have been no hints, that I've read or heard, of that happening. Any chance they'll sit three of them and line-up an import short this game?

Then, among Non-imports, at least one, but most likely two won't dress, picked probably from -- Plesius, Diedrick, Stala, Charbonneau-Campeau.

If we had a "Pick the Reserves" pool my entry would be -- Walker, Tasker, Diedrick and Charbonneau-Campeau. But, I wouldn't be expecting to win the prize.

The declared Reserves: Charbonneau-Campeau, Diedrick, Speller and Tasker.
Enjoyed reading your thoughts on the Reserves, bobo8224, and I'm sure I'll be thinking of the picture you posted at times during today's game, when Troy is on the run. I guess we each get a 75% grade on our reserve predictions. Interesting that we both clued in on the good chance that Walker would be dressing which, as far I know, hadn't previously be hinted at.