Depth Chart Moves

Rottier starting at guard and Bradley moving to DB to make room for Reid at the CB position.

Interesting line-up. Anyone who attends practices have any info on Reid?

Rottier started last week too. Offence this week will be exactly the same as vs. CAL.

On D -- Gordon will get back in, as a back-up DB, after being one of the 4 Reserves last game. As pointed out by Pseudo, Lamont Reid starts on the corner for Bradley, who moves over to take Tisdale's spot at half. The likely Reserves will be the now regulars Jermaine Reid, Caulley and Haley, with the fourth being McIntyre, who's been moved onto the roster after three games on the Injured List.

Forgot he started for Peter last week. Either way I'm interested in seeing what Reid can do for us at corner. Seems like poor timing to be juggling things right before we play Montreal but I suppose the injury to Tisdale is forcing Marshall's hand.

Basically it is the same line-up as last week. Lamont Reid already filled in at corner when Tisdale went out of last week's game, while Bradley took Tisdale's spot. The only change this week is that Tisdale goes to the injury list and McIntyre moves to the 46-man roster. Look for Gordon to take Tisdale's spot on the 42-man game day roster.

It would be nice to have McIntyre back for this game. Pressure on Calvillo is essential for a victory tomorrow.