Depth Chart Mon. September 1st Vs. That Blue Team

Lumsden is listed at fullback. Caulley the starting RB

looks like walker is sitting for miles (which i disagree with, i really think mitchell should sit)

no surprises on Defence, Jykine and Rontarius are both starting, so their both healthy. (so the spec was wrong about jykine)

the new DT Tory Collins is starting

I agree, Walker has been our only reliable receiver this season. If he is not our #5 receiver I will be questioning our coaches thought process. Also if Mitchell or Miles do absolutely nothing and we don't come away with the win I will be really mad.

I like both Miles and Mitchell but why would they start when both have done next to nothing all season and Walker has been nothing but rock solid all year.

Ticats need a win! LOL