Depth Chart June 28 vs Argos

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That defensive line is a huge question mark for me, and if they can’t pressure Ray…

I’m curious to see how Steinauer will use them and that LB corps with Colclough there.

Lots of disguises and blitzes from all over?

Secondary is the bigger concern.

Why is Walker 2nd string at RB?

I think Walker is a little dinged up. But, honestly, Gable has been the better back through all of training camp & pre-season. He's earned the start. I expect Walker to be a healthy scratch when they drop from 46 to 42 on game day.

The "Game Notes" pdf in this link is pretty interesting as well.

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Yes Fender, interesting bit of history there.


The Ti-Cats have a stunning 37 players in either their first or second CFL season – 61% of their 61-man roster. They average just 2.2 years per player ([b][u];owest in the CFL[/u][/b])
This is the second straight year they have begun with at least 18 rookies on their roster (20 in 2013).

A tad overblown given all the experience in the starting 46 and the experience at the key pos.

A very good point.

On offense, I'm eager to watch Delahunt, Ellingson, and Charnonneau-Campeau, hope he gets some playing time.

On defense, I'm more eager to watch what Steinauer has them doing as unit, than I am watching individual performances.

Walker gives you the big play, not the quick hole hitting drive sustaining hard 5 yarder.
That is why I preferred Avon last year. Hard tough and steady player. I am thinking Gable will be more like Avon was last year.

So ... Here's Toronto's depth chart ...

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The thing that stands out for me is obviously their Defense. While their LB's remain the same from lat year, there are wholesale changes on the DLine and in the secondary.

I think the biggest opportunities for the TiCats are to isolate on Robinson at the field side corner with Bryan at Defensive half over top. Two rookies of the field side. Even the safety, Matt Black is a non import rookie starting at that position even though he has CFL experience.

Stay away from Watkins & Carter on the short/boundary side and exploit the raw rookie imports at CB & DB on the strong/wide side with an overmatched safety in Black overtop.

I'm sure the DLine replacements for the Boatmen will be okay. I do think Lee is a downgrade from Foley and that's coming from a guy who thinks Foley is vastly overrated!

Flood the field side and make Isaac cheat outside the box to compensate. Run back side screens & delayed counters against an over-matched short side NI DE in Lee.

I really think Hamilton can exploit Toronto's Defense on Friday.

Hold onto the ball. Win the turnover battle. I think the Blue Team is prime for the pickin's and for Hamilton to piss on their post Grey Cup celebration.

Reserves confirmed as Walker, Ingersoll, Marshall and Husband