Depth chart : June 16th Final preseason game .

A few notable changes and absentees on chart : DB's- Emmanuel Davis , Abdul Kanneh , Craig Butler , Ethan Davis , Khalid Wooten , Mike Daly not dressed
DL - Mike Atkinson , Evan Gill not dressed
LB - Will Hill now listed at SAM backing up Dominique Ellis
OL - Kay Okafor now listed as switched from D-Line to O-Line at RT
WR - Giovanni Aprile , Junior Collins - not dressed for 2nd game in a row .

Love that Chick is starting, off the end threat that should make Ricky consider early retirement.

And if it's not Chick, it will be someone else and early in the season....

Trestman best get the backup ready.....and quickly!!

Looks like our starting offence will be together starting this game. Maybe we do what Ottawa did and come out flying!
players of interest to watch are Collaros, the 2 back-up RBs and receiver Chambers on offense who showed me great potential.
Getting another look at Coleman, Will Hill at SAM this time, and the 2 corners Leonard who i thought was great against Ottawa and Rogers.
I predict and may have egg on my face for doing it that Castillo will step up and win the job on Friday. :cowboy:

I am hoping to see more of Alex Green.

Like you, Coleman and Hill deserve another look.

I fear for our kicking game. I'm not so sure that Castillo is the answer. Tiger cats may find themselves still shopping for better in this position after the season starts....and for sometime after that...

But Ricky isn't starting, it's Willy backed by Mathews then Prackup and Bethel-Thompson.

Be careful what you wish for, Collaros is starting and the Argos have Lemon off the end.

Lots of starters in the lineup. Pretty much our starting lineup on Offence.

Last chance for lots of players to make the team, cutdown day is Saturday from 75 players to 46.

Here is the Arblows Depth chart

Note that the Argos Depth chart is numeric. It does not indicate who is starting. Players are listed by number in ascending order.

Alphabetical makes more sense than throwing a dart at the dartboard trying to field a competent team from this misfit bunch of Argos.
Depth chart Week 1 regular season they will try alphabetical by first name and week 2 alphabetical by last name. Week 3 by age, week 4 by experience, week 5 by paycheck. A lottery system week 6 and fans voting week 7. By then they will be 7 games behind the Cats and it won't matter! :rockin:
Their best week will be bye week.

Don't think we want to get too cocky just as yet. When the season starts everyone is tied for first and the race to stay there is the real test. If we go by predictions and season finishes, it probably should have been a Washington - Chicago Stanley Cup?

I'm hedging my bets and not counting out the Argos, or the Als for that matter, until we see them in regular season action. Trestman revived the Als all those years ago, who knows what magic is still in his coaching kit? Going south didn't pan out, but I don't think it made him stupid either. And we're still the Eastern Team with the longest cup winning drought, albeit the one with the most of the recent near misses.

"Austin said Butler may not be ready to start the regular season as he recovers from knee surgery."

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Kudos to our resident stats and numbers Guy ( FenderGuy actually :wink: ) here in observing as he only can that this isn't so much of a depth chart but in actuality is only a jersey number chart for the Blows . :cowboy:

While posting their line-up for Pre-Season Game 2, the Cats made a couple of other roster moves ...
Copied from
ROSTER 15-Jun-17
HAM TRF TO INJURED NAT Giovanni APRILE (WR) Queen’s – to Aug-11^^ (Jul-30)

Good to see Emmanuel Davis is getting better.. looks like Aprille is on the 6 game too.

Gee what a surprise :roll: Aprile being placed on the 6 gm IL . The guys "only" missed 30 gms the last 3 years . :roll:

On the other hand it's nice to see "Chop" Davis back on the active roster :smiley: . I don't know about anybody else but that starting secondary listed on tonight's depth chart is just a tad bit scary looking and concerning . Hopefully this won't be the starting five next week when we line up and the real bullets start flying in our season opener at BMO .
Here's hoping that also Kanneh will be up and running and good to go as well next week . I'm also wondering just what's going on with our two acquisitions of Wooten and the other E.Davis via trade from Montreal ? Neither have dressed for either of the preseason games . Also hoping to see Mike Daly's name on the opening day 46 as opposed to seeing him starting the season on the IL where it looks like Butler might be to start the season .