Depth Chart - July 7th - Esks@TiCats

Depth chart just posted.

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Fantuz out (officially on 1 game IR) and Simon Charbonneau-Campeau starting in his spot.

Boudreaux on 1 game IR as well. Norwood in his spot. We knew about Scott replacing Peach. So 2 new DE's Sunday.

Hobbs for injured Webb.

Parks in for Colclough which we knew.

Bucknor for Hinds which we knew.

Ingersoll for Figuroa which was known.

Ed Grant for Onrea Jones as stated earlier.

Shomari Williams dressing. Oh ... and Plesius is dressing too!

Very interesting changes especially at DE.

That puts the Injured Lists' total up to 22. (15 on the 1-Game and 7 on the 9-Game)

It's almost a complete 2nd team complete with kicker's and a qb! In fact if you add the PR to the IR's ...

You have a starting D
5 DB's ...
2 LB's ... whoops ... need one there
2 DT's ...
5 DE's ... Maybe one of the NI DE's can move to 'backer?

You almost have a starting Offense ... Need 1 more skill position
You have 6 Oline ... a set and a spare
4 WR's
1 RB
1 QB
(Convert a NI DE/LB to FB ... Then you're done!)

And finally ...
2 Kickers

I believe it'd even be within the ratio!

Maybe Tillman is trying to sell the REDBLACKS a complete starting team?

Boudreuax was unexpected - probably a benching and not an injury. Norwood was only signed on July 2 and probably anxious to see what he's got.

Major parts of the team are still under training camp/evaluation conditions - and hopefully so is the hunger level for jobs.

My apologies to Mr. Gant for spelling his name incorrectly in my original post. The young man signs, makes the team, dresses and quickly gets a starting opportunity ... he deserves lil ol' me to spell his name correctly!

Go get 'em fellas ... newcomers and vets!

Fantuz being out is not good, Charbonneau however is an excellent receiver. He's no Fantuz, but he will do well, but that is still a big impact on the offence, espcially with the loss of Onrea. I'm a little surprised Raymond Brown didn't get a nod after his pre-season performance. Oh well.

For this week's offensive line-up to score enough points to win, despite our defense, one guy's gotta have a very big game and I think he will -- C.J. Gable.

Interestingly, Simon Charbonneau-Campeau ranks second in all-time CIS single-season receiving yards, behind Fantuz, the player he's replacing. I saw SCC play a few games for Sherbrooke against the Laval Rouge et Or and he was very impressive. Yes, I think he'll do well if they throw some footballs his way.

Ellingson and Grant will get the surplus catches in Fantuz’s absence. But its a great opportunity for SCC .

Not saying it is wrong but unusually by current CFL standards: the new SAM linebacker Terrance Parks at 6' 2"/218 is significantly bigger than WIL Markeith Knowlton (6 ft even, 205). Parks's listed backup, Erik Harris, is 6'3"/225 is bigger still.

Certainly an extended training camp for the Cats with soo many on the i game IR. only 7 on the PR as of right now. with both Rockhill and RB Tavoy more both being rookies right out of University a practice Roster spot would be a reasonable move. Still leaves a lot on the 1 game IR.
Seems like a wide open tryout at DE still so if Peach gets beat out most likely a release would be in order. McKnight was brought in I guess to see if he is a one kicker to do it all kind of guy if not they could still hang onto him on the 9 game IR while he works on his punting for sure.
If Austin is not happy with having the Aussie as just a punter the Als should be jumping all over him as he is considered a non import.
The rest may have to see how serious some of these guys are banged up and if they can be put on the 9 game. Releasing another O Lineman could also happen if Rockhill hits the PR.

What is the deal with Courtney stephan I think he is a little banged up so maybe not rushing him may be a good idea have him hit the 9 game and hit the Labor day weekend healthy and a little wiser with some practice as he learns coverages from Patrick whose job he may be taking

While the Cats show 8 starters this game who did not start in Game I, and 6 of them weren't dressed for the first game, the Esks show 3 -- Ramsay ahead of Hinse @ C, Henry ahead of Chambers @ SB and Alexander, who did not dress in their first game, @ S.

I think Terrence Moore &/or Brian Bulcke vs. Ramsay playing centre is a match-up advantage needing to be exploited.

Add some additional pressure via blitz up the middle from JJ &/or James Patrick and I think the Cats can get Reilly on the run!

Most of the Hamilton changes are injury driven with the exception of Peach who may or may not be injured but Austin is looking for a lot better from the DE position.

For Edmonton Hinse is the scapegoat for the ESKS Oline troubles and a more expereinced Ramsey will be making the calls from center.
Henry replacing Chambers in the starting line up gives Reilly a bit more experienced pro receiver. He kind of flew under the radar for the esks after signing him as an NFL free agent after 3 years of NFL practice rosters. Chambers will be needed the ESKS will have to figure if he is a SB or WR. There going with a true rookie receiver in sweeney who was on campus with Houston last season in the NCAA but was used sparingly so he must of really showed something at TC.
This will change the ratio it appears with two spots on the Dline being ratio spots They are loaded however with top Canadian DTs but Sewell would no have to rotate in with a Canadian DE

With Moore, announced an hour before game time, as one of the 4 reserves (with Walker, Husband, Lawrence) that puts it up to 9 new starters, 7 of whom weren't dressed in Game 1.