Depth Chart is up - @ CGY, July 18

5 new faces on D
Lawrence listed as starting, but is injured

I'll be watching Coates, who's listed at slotback - will be interesting to see if he continues to make positive contributions.

does anyone know how to fix the sizing of the image?

Very disappointed Lawrence got injured yesterday, once of the best players I think.

Tomorrow will be a huge challenge, but I am hoping for the best. If Calgary is kept under 30 points, and with Fantuz and Ellingson back, maybe we have a chance.

I will not be that disappointed with a loss, but I would like to see some progress, especially at quarterback. It would be good to see if they can have both QB's in to switch things up, much like they did last year.

I won't panic if they lose, look what happened last year after a tough start. And like Drew Edwards pointed out, this start has not been as bad as last years.

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Sun has Stamps winning by 14 I say it be by at least that or more

Cats are no match with all Injures for the High Flying Stampeders

0-3 is coming .

Maybe we get win vs Ottawa next week

I had heard that Lawrence was injured as well, but he's on the depth chart released today. Is there a chance of him playing after all? (Please, please, please....)

And Simmons has moved inside to right guard?

Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Next stop: Calgary.

Simoni Lawrence ?@Simoni_Lawrence 1h
Safe travels to my family come back home with the win!!!

Simoni Lawrence ?@Simoni_Lawrence 1h
I’m coming back on my worst behavior!!! The team will be fine we have great coaches and great players!!! Let’s cheer these boys to a win!!

Lawrence is making the Trip here his Twitter Confirming this

The way I interpret Lawrence's tweets is that he did NOT make the trip. If that's the case, he'll be the International Reserve.

Comparing the line-up changes from Game 1 to Game 2 with the changes for this game:

For Game 2 – 6 players out, 6 others in, and 3 shifted to different positions or status

For Game 3 – 9 out, 9 in, and 6 shifted. And, this doesn’t include the fact that our top defensive player, still listed as a starter, will be out too.

That’s a lot of change for the #9 ranked team playing, on the road, against #1.

My main concerns are Stephen starting his first game at corner and Beau Landry not available for ST. I thought Michael Coe was pretty good last week but I understand the need to get the international positions on the O-Line. I strongly expect Calgary to try to go deep against Stephen. It will be interesting to see how he handles it. Landry has quietly done a tremendous job covering kicks ( has made a lot of tackles ) . The others will have to step up .

I didn't know that Reed was on the roster. He will be interesting to watch as well.
Especially considering Kromah was traded last week. Obviously Reed beat him out.
I trust Harris to get the job done. IMHO he should start ahead of Murray anyway.
Lawrence is our best defensive player. We could of lived without that one.
This does give the coaches a chance to finally evaluate Bowman in game day situation.
Possibly Caldwell will play as well.

Good to see Boudreau back . He needs to play a lot better than he did in Saskatchewan.

Offensively the play of Alford and Lewis at OT will be the key.
Having watched the Edmonton game again this week the O-lines interior was pretty good. Alford #60 was hit and miss but held his own for most of the game. The obvious weak link was Young # 57 who is no longer with the team. Lewis is the new OT replacing Young.

Stephen vs. Joe West is an interesting match-up. Courtney is physical, but West can run. As you said, Calgary will test that on the deep ball.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 32m
BREAKING: #Ticats coach Kent Austin confirms that LB @Simoni_Lawrence won’t play Friday vs. #CalStampeders.

I think Simoni, himself, confirmed this six hours earlier.

He did

What happened to Lamar, the kick returner for the start of last year that kept dropping the ball, did they "punt" him?

LOL!!!!! :roll: What happened to LaMar????? Surely you jest,you can't be serious can you ???? LaMar is still on the team roster,currently on the 6 gm IL after getting his 2nd concussion of his career in the 1rst pre-season game this year.So in answer to your question........the answer is no,the team has not "punted" LaMar anywhere,although he hasn't played in a regular season game since game 5 of last year,when he received his first concussion on a helmet to helmet cheapshot against the Riders.There is a very good chance,unfortunately that this young man may never play football again due to these concussions :cry: :thdn:

I agree. I am bit surprised that the Cats are still going with eight National starters. Anyway, with no backups listed at corner or defensive halfback, I guess it means that Harris will be the replacement for those positions, with Caldwell coming in for Harris.

It's probably less of a choice and more due to the injury depletions. It really is déja vu. I still remember last season with all of the positional changes. It was near enough to impossible to follow who had been moved where.

I cannot wait until we hit mid-season. Based on all of the talk? We'll have our new stadium finally, our starters should largely be healthy and we can really see what this team is capable of.

Play loose Tiger-Cats, your not expected to win, an opportunity to show differently as under dogs, I know it's a stretch but well worth the challenge to prove differently.