Depth Chart - Hamilton vs. Winnipeg - Sunday, August 9th

Depth chart for the upcoming game versus Winnipeg has been posted and can be found here: ... vs-WPG.pdf

As expected Holley is in for Gable.

Coates starts in the Z spot to keep ratio the same on offence with loss of Fantuz. Collins, Tasker & Grant are the SB's

Butler out with Daly taking his spot at Safety.

I'd like to see Woodson get a few rep in at either RB or SB. He played well last week taking over from Gable, breaking tackles to get extra yards. It'd be good to see what he can do catching the ball in more open field.

Woodson should be the starter.
Holley has to find the hole or is stuffed. Mediocre blocker & okay hands.
Woodson is a punishing RB & good blocker.
Give Woodson the ball 15+ times.
Tenderize them with Woodson.

Still no Tracey :x :?