Depth Chart - HAM vs. SSK - July 26th, 2015

Depth chart for Sunday's game in Regina versus the Riders is now posted here: ... at-SSK.pdf

Game notes can be found here: ... at-Ssk.pdf

No Norwood yet. As Grover mentioned earlier, Quincey McDuffie & Jasper Collins replace Underwood & Sinkfield.

Gainey comes off active. Murray comes on.

Stephen back at field corner.

Washington starts at boundary corner.

Caldwell comes on most likely as a DI. Versatile to backup at WILL, move to SAM and even spot in at DB.

As expected Gable is back. Holley goes off active. Woodson on as backup.

Interesting to see that Plesius is off the active. Wonder if it's injury related or performance. If the later, talk about a fall from grace & unrealized expectations.

I’m a bit surprised that Jasper Collins gets to dress before Tim Smith at the receiver position. I thought for sure Smith would be “next man up” if they needed to make a change at receiver since he played so well in the pre-season. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to trust the coaching staff with this decision.

Tracy is in instead of Norwood

Here is Greenies

Thoughts on the 46 man Depth Chart :
Offence changes :
My guess is that the insertion of Collins is strictly stop gap and he will be replaced on the active for the home opener by a hopefully finally 100% healthy Luke Tasker. I'm really more interested to see how McDuffie plays and how the Melonheads handle the kick return game with both Banks and McDuffie on the game day roster. Pick yer poison boys !!!! I am though mildly surprised by the benching of Sinkfield not so much with Underwood though who IMO hasn't been anything special so far this season. It's nice to see CJ finally get healthy and back on the active I'm guessing it will most likely take a few plays though just to knock the rust off and get him back up to game speed. Woodson should add some speed and depth to the special teams. Holley and Ford both go onto the PR for this one.
Finally it looks like once again that LT Jeremy Lewis will be one of the two gameday scratches.

Defence changes:
With the release of Scott and Norwood still a week away Adrian Tracy gets his 2nd start of the season at DE. The rest of the line remains intact although there was reports that Laurent missed some time at practice this week he appears like he is ready to go this game.
The starting 3 at LB remain intact but a bit of a shakeup in the reserves and rotational's with Plesius coming off the active and Caldwell coming on for his first game this season as one of the 4 DIs as well as playing specials Stewart listed as backup to Harris as another DI but will also see time in the D-Backfield in certain packages.My guess is that with Caldwell dressing that Jonathan Langa will most likely be the Cdn scratch for this game.
In the back end we see Stephen return to his corner spot after a 2 game absence along with Murray suiting up for the first time this season starting inside. Ed Gainey goes to the 1 gm IL and will be replaced by Don Washington on the other corner after being a DI last week in Mtl.

I think that's about it........Enjoy the game Ladies and Gentlemen !!!!! Let's squash those Melonheads and send them to 0-5
OSKI-WEE-WEE GO CATS GO :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Thanks Fenderguy and Grover for the depth charts always good to see who gets the start especially in the big game tonight in Regina. A win tonight in Green Riderville would be awesome for the Cats.

Hope Gable makes a great debut in 2015, it's been a long time coming since we last saw Gable light up the field rushing and in an amazing season in 2013 in Guelph.