Depth Chart Guessing Game week 3 .

1 .Well it looks like Breaux has not been proacticing and may be out . i wonder if they will replace him with an import or just go back to a non import in Bucknor / Steephen . My guess is they will go with the non import because of import Dile coming back on the Oline .
The other oprions could be Rico Murray or Parks .

  1. Torrey Davis appears ready to go this week . I wonder where he will be slotted ? replace Bulcke ? i dount that at this point for ratio reasons . Split time with Moore ? that sounds more like it . If this is the case then they may not dress Scott just a guess. I think they will need a DB type import to backup SAM and the DB positions so they may dress Parks or Murray as the Sam and DB backup in case of injury or poor play ( which we have seen almsoit every week )

  2. Ed Gant . He will be out this week . My first guess is to be replaced by Onrea Jones if he is redy to go . If not, then Volcy of the practice Roster . The third option is to go with an extra non import here which could have happened if Fantuz was ready to go then CAMPEAU may have been put in that spot to allow another import elsewhere ( Dile , Torrey Davis over Bulcke ) etc

  3. Dile . Looks like Dile will play right tackle . He should be pretty motivated with Figueroa around competing . Wojt gets moved back to right gaurd and O'neill backs up guards and center . Hage is banged up so Oneill might be pushed into playing center .

One thing this team has this year more than other years is flexibility . With all these guys coming of the injury list soon there will be some decisions that have to be made

at linebacker


Where to start Stephen if at all ?
Contineu with Patrick at safety ?
who starts at half ? Hobbs or Webb


Are Marshall and Norwood are starting DE'S now ?
what to do with Peach , Boudreaux, Scott ...might have to get rid of one

Receiver -

Gant or Jones - who starts when healthy ?


Do we contnue wit jamal and markieth's position switch ? I say yes for now if only because of Harris performance at SAM.
if Harris regresses we move them back and put one one of Lawrence ,Bussey , Plesius , Bowman in the middle .
I still think Bowman or Plesius will eventually be starting in the middle this year . Right now it's a good probelm to have as we know injuries will happen and also Harris and Markieth can still play DB and SAM.


DILE OR FIGUEROA ...It depends on how Dile looks this week .

Rnning Back

Let;s bring Jennings in for a look see ( cut from Montreal )
Lamarr and Chevon will split here..

That would be my guess as well. Hopefully Stephen.

If TD is ready to go, hopefully we get the good (motivated) one, and not the lazy one. He could be a game changer against the Riders' running game.

Unfortunately, I think that's the likely scenario for Sunday.

I saw some improvement from Norwood last week, but I still think Boudreaux is our best defensive end.

Justin Hilton has been re-signed. Guessing it's due to injuries to Gant & Jones. Not out of the realm that he could dress Sunday.

My guess on the 42 as compared to last week:

on offence, Jones in for Gant, no Hage, Dile added

on defence, if Breaux can't go, Murray; Patrick out (Stephen safety), Davis as a straight switch for Moore, Bucknor dresses.

I'd bet on him dressing.

Its week 4 :smiley:

I was hoping Onrea Jones was going to be in the line up this week but it's not looking like it since he is still listed on the injured list and not the active roster...although hes not in the "not practicing" list provided by Drew edwards...maybe he just forgot to mention that he wasnt practicing? Is there anyone who went to practice thursday that either seen him on the sidelines or practicing?

If hes a no go, then the only other import WR listed is Hilton. This could mean quite the mix up or a seemingly very high canadian content on the starting roster...especially since breaux seems to be out. They have erik harris listed as a DB so do they move him from OLB to DB and put someone else in his spot? Possibly a shuffling of the deck at LB? Does Bussey get a start? Maybe Plesius? If Breaux is out....Harris is the only other import listed on the roster as a DB. Unless Parks is ready to come back....or they move Rico Murray to the active roster...they either start another canadian at db or harris gets moved. We might be starting like 11 or 12 canadians sunday. Whats the ratio quota?

Game day roster consists of 46 actives,4 of which will be declared inactive reserves 1 hour before kick-off.roster then has to consist of 42 players dressed,3 qb,19 amer. 20 cdn.. Of those canadians dressed a minimum of 7 have to be declared starters,leaving 16 amer. starters,the other 3 amer. are designated imports(ie.can sub in/play special teams,kr/pr).A team can have more than 7 cdn.starters,but only 20 cdn can dress for any game.Hope this helps you out Cooler 51. :cowboy:

Actually, you have the import rules exactly backwards. There are no restrictions on non-imports, only on imports. A team can dress a maximum of 19 imports, aside from the three quarterbacks, and of those 19, any more than 16 must be designated imports who can only come in on if a starting import has come off, or on special teams plays.

As for Jones, he may still be on the IR because teams typically update the IR at the same time as they release the 46-man roster, the day before the game.

Yes MAKEVELI IT IS WEEK 4 MY BAD :slight_smile:

yes Onrea Jones looks liek he won't be playing and I am guessing Hilton goes into that spot with a long gap of no practices. I hope they emailed him the playbook as a refresher.

Eric Harris won't get moved around as they need him at SAM linebacker and if they move Knowlton over than it is a big shuffle that will likley occur when Bowman gets off the injury list .
I figure Stephen will start at corner and Dile plays RT to even out the ratio .
Parks or Murray could be used to backup SAM and DB's

Ok I am callingh for big breakout game for Norwood . He was thrown in teh deep end on game one with almsost no practice time to learn the league rules and schemes etc .
In game 2 he made huge improvements . Now he has had another week of practice and I am certian he has learned a few tricks . So now he might take another step and have a few clean sacks. Watch for him to meet Durant and Sheets in the backfield a few times on Sunday along with Harris . This is a hungry bunch right now

The rules state that 7 canadians must be declared starters(minimum of 7),which means of 19 imports,16 will start....7+16+1q.b.=24 STARTERS,regardless of how many canadians start,only 3 imports will be declared as designated....example....9 canadian starters,1 q.b.,14 imports=2 import reserves,3 designated imports(who can come in to replace....another import or an injured import or play special teams in any As long as there is 7 canadians starting,example being if Cats want to have a play with both Walker and Lamar in the same backfield one of the other imports starting on offence has to be removed for that play(usually one of the receivers).Hopefully this gives the roster restrictions more clarity!!! :slight_smile:


The rule is actually defined in gruesome legalese in the CFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 23, and is defined in terms of the number of imports on the roster, and the number of designated import. It never once mentions non-imports.

What you are quoting, I suspect, is the interpretation of the rule in layman's terms from the CFL website. While it is practically the same, it really doesn't state the rule correctly. Where it gets interesting is when a team doesn't start the full 16 imports, but they still need only three designated imports. This results in one (or more) non-starting import to be allowed to enter the game at any time without restriction. In your example of Walker and Lamar in the backfield at the same time without a starting import having to sit out, this is precisely what would allow that. But only if Lamar were not listed as one of the three DIs. But the three designated imports would still be restricted on defence, with a starting import having to come out.

Chuckle lol,okay Catfan,me thinks were on the same page,only two different interpretations,two sets of rules,duly noted!!!
Lets just wait for the depth chart to be posted and see who we actually got dressing for this game.CHEERS!OVER AND OUT!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yeah, it ends up the same in most cases. As I said, it gets interesting when teams starts under the maximum number of imports because the 16th import, the non-starting import who isn't one of the designated imports, can come into the game at any time. Does the team make it their second running back? Or a backup lineman?

Actually, one of my pet peeves is that it's difficult for fans to know who the DIs are. The reserve is pretty easy - the four who aren't dressed. But it's not as obvious who the DIs are, even when they start 16 imports. (Drew, if you're reading this....)