Depth Chart - GC101 - Sunday, November 24th, 2013

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On defense ... They have Stephen listed @ safety with King as backup. Matt Bucknor is listed as a backup at field corner as well. I imagine Stephen will be a game-time decision.

Delvin Breaux is on the short side corner.

Offense looks to be the same as the EDF. Simmons listed ahead of Dile @ LT. Wojt is listed as starter at RG after having missed the 2nd half with a concussion.

No Onrea Jones dressed.

Game-day-time scratches will be interesting. If Stephen can't go, domino effect would be King starting & Bucknor moving to backup safety & being on the 42 man game day roster

Love it and love the thread title. Go Cats go!

Will wait until game time, but good to see Breaux starting and hopefully Stephens will start. Nice to see Walker dressed, though it remains to be seen whether he sees any action. Sad to see Onrea Jones not dressing...he deserves to be there more than Tasker.

I'd also like to see Walker dressed, but I doubt he will be. With 22 imports listed, the possible DIs are Webb, Isaac, Bowman, Banks, Dile and Walker. Isaac and Banks are pretty much a lock on being dressed, and I'm guessing Webb will be as well. So I expect Walker will be on the reserve with Bowman and Dile, with either Stephen or Bucknor being the fourth as the non-import.

Banks worries me (fumbles) hope not!!!

"Depth Chart - GC101 - Sunday, November 24, 2013"

Getting printed and pinned to my office bulletin board.

A team picture with the Cup would take priority.