Depth chart game 9 vs Lions

Depth chart out for game on Friday vs Lions:

On offense Giguere still listed on active,but behind Stala on depth chart.Hage returns to center bumping O'Neill to back up spot and Filer to the P.Roster. Campeau back on active from P.Roster likely as 6th receiver with Stala starting an Giguere being on 4 man reserve.Walker moved onto 1 gm I.L.

On defense,minimal changes from last week,D-Line remains intact,as well as L.B. core,in the backfield Davis moves in for Breaux(1 gm I.L.)and Bucknor returns off of P.R. to replace Mutobala(9 gm I.L.).

Roster break-down has 3 Q.B.'s/21 Can/22 Imp. meaning reserve will be made up of 1 Cdn @ 3 Imp.
Giguere due to injury is likeliest choice for Cdn reserve,3 imp. are likely to be Dile,Marshall and Bussey.

3 Rookies start on Offense: Gable/Ellingson/Figuero.....5 Rookies on D : Norwood/Murray/Davis/Brown/Stephen.

Nice to see our longest serving Cat.....Marwan Hage (10 yrs) back in lineup finally....hopefully for the rest of the year

GOOD LUCK CATS !!! Looking forward to you guys bringing home the bacon once more and extending our streak to 4 wins in a row !!!!!

With this game being #9,and the 1/2 way part of the season,interesting to note that only 16 players have dressed for every game so far this season.Just goes to further show how bad the injury bug has hit this team this season.Also interesting to note that 7 players who suited up in game #1 are no longer with the club(Knowlton/Hinds/Patrick/LeBon/
Belieu/Peach/Couglough).Not including the three Q.B.'s only 6 players have dressed for every game on offense.On defense only 4 players have suited up for every game,only 2 of them being starters(Bulcke,Johnson).This team is getting healthy at the right time,and should be a force to reckon with the last half of the season!!!!!

IT'S FEEDING TIME !!!!!! GO CATS GO !!!! A TIGER BEATS A LION ANYDAY !!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

Hard to believe that Giguere is on the chart behind Sticky. Thought I heard on the news or maybe the paper that he had surgery for a broken finger. Be a pretty tough guy to try and catch a pass with a bad digit.

Giguere is out with a broken finger and Stala is in his place. Injury occurred at practice Wednesday but surgery was yesterday. Maybe Austin thought he might play but seems Charbonneau-Campeau gets the backup. :expressionless: