depth chart game 8 vs b.b.'s

Depth chart out for Saturday’s game.Changes include on offence the debut of Tavoy Moore at r.b and returner,meaning that it looks like Walker will be a healthy scratch.Charbonneau shifted onto practice roster.On defence there are several moves.Richardson and Crawford make their debuts on the line,with Shomari Williams shifted to the I.L. At linebacker Isaacs returns and looks to be backing up Murray.The backfeild sees the return of McCollough off of I.L. and the shifting of King to I.L. and Davis and Hobbs to the practice roster.

The 46 man ratio stands at 3 q.b,20 cdn,23 imp. which means that the 4 man reserve will be 4 imp. for this game.My guess is that Walker,Dile,Marshall and Bussey are the scratches.The d-backfeild,while getting McCollough back is a concern,due to lack of depth as only 1 back-up (Mutobala) is listed on roster,although if needed in a pinch Beswick could step in as a replacement being a former d.b. converted to l.b this season.Crawford will replace King as b.u. to Scott as long-snapper in case of injury.7 veterans expected to start on D. with Isaac thrown into the mix could bring the rookie count down to 4 (Norwood,Breaux,Stephen,Brown)our lowest total of rook starters all season.It’s nice to finally be getting some of our vets back for the stretch drive.Also anxious to see if T.Moore lives up to the hype returning kicks.

Easily the best defense they've fielded all year.

I think Austin realizes that Murray , Isaac and Greene can all go back and play DB., In facr , Murray was playing DB before ebing moved to SAM . If I recall ,, Murray was on the depth chart as a corner . So if a corner goes down then Murray can move there and if a corner and halfback go down then Greene or Isaac can play halfback and the other play SAM .

I still think BROWN and WEBB are battling Hobbs and Davis fo spots . i think once our SAM position gets figured out then we are more likeley to see 3 of these 4 dressed . If Marray has another big game then it could bump Greene or Isaas to the practice roster for Hobbs .

predict a huge breakout game for Moore with kick returns and passes out of the backfield . I think Norwood will get a few sacks and be in the backfield all day . I also think Lawrence will have a huge game . Burris looked really crisp in practice this week and Dan L may have a few more reps too .
i think the Bombers have a very weak receiving corps and weak QB and they will try to pass to our strong side defence which is Murray. Brown , Webb ..Because of this we will see some interceptions by these 3 guys as they will vaoid the weak side lawrence / Breaux / Mccolough...

I think the Cats win by 15 ..maybe 34-19

Hall won't last the entire first half and Pearce will play the majority of the game.

Good point about the depth Gerbear,even though only 6 d.b’s are listed on roster,7 linebackers likely will dress.Beswick,Isaac,Greene and Murray are all guys capable of playing in the backfield if needed.Just shows more of Austin’s and Steinauer’s philosophy of being able to play multiple positions and versatility in this years defensive set-ups.

Can't agree more!! Good to see Isaac back in the lineup, even if he's used in a limited role this week!

5 changes for the Cats, 2 (+ the new OC) for the 'peg:

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Agree with bobo8224 about the likely healthy scratches. I agree that Murray and Isaac could be used as backup DBs. I would guess that Greene as a DB would be pretty last resort.

I need to vent.

The Secondary has one back-up, a rookie from Western. Breaux didn't finish last game so if he or Brown get hurt who's replacing them? I assume Murray or Isaac but why take a guy who's practiced as a linebacker and put him at corner back?

Same case for the Receivers. Are Fantuz and B. Grant 100%?

Conversely, five linebacker backups and four DLs. I know a couple of these guys will probably be healthy scratches.

Most of this boils down to the inadequate 42 man roster.

Hopefully when the expansion draft is completed the TiCats pursue a four N/I OLine (my pet project).

Why Bob hasn't hired me as the coach and GM baffles me to this day.

Is Sticky a healthy scratch again :?

He wasn't one last game,and will again dress for this game.The reason you probably didn't notice him last game was he didn't see the feild that much.Hopefully he plays a bit more this game and maybe catches a pass or two.

As for backup DBs, please read gerbear9's post. Four of the linebackers on the roster can fill in at DB quite well.

Receiver depth isn't one of our problems. Just look at the number of receivers who had multiple receptions last week.