Depth chart : Game #16 For the record against them DEADBLACKS .

Just in .Surprisingly Only 1 line-up change from last game . B.Jones in , Irons out . Tasker still listed on 1 gm IL .

Here is the DEADBLACKS depth chart :

Marshall starting ahead of Tucker is interesting


Tasker, during the 1999 meetup celebration the night before our homegame, advised he was “absolutely playing” the next home game against Ottawa.

I wonder how much of this is coach driven vs Tasker driven.

I would think Tasker would want to get some time in prior to playoffs.


Yes it is interesting considering that Marshall was the game day scratch last game . A possible explanation might be that Tucker could possibly be a little dinged up with something minor and possibly a game time decision for this contest .

This time last year…

How could McDaniel possibly be in the lineup over Sinkfield?

They will probably rotate the subs in here or there. That way the vets stay sharp but don't endure as much wear and tear. Orlondo and staff have had 2 weeks to plan the playing time of each player. They no doubt have a very specific roster plan in place.

That’s an outrage!!!


The Cats may have discovered a way of applying Schrodinger’s Theory to football. List your starter as a back-up, so he is both playing and resting at the same time. We won’t know until the game opens? ;)(Apologies to “The Big Bang”)

Marshall being listed as the starter over Tucker is hardly in the outrage category . If he does indeed start one would think that it’s just another instance of the next man up mantra that has been this teams MO all season long .

Since Tucker has basically been the substitute for Tasker, it probably makes sense to now see how Marshall also works as a sub. Assuming Tucker does dress and is not the scratch, he will still be available for specific situations, or if Marshall doesn’t fit the current mix.

Also gives the coaching staff an opportunity to start making long term decisions regarding 2020 and beyond.

Lol. Jones is out.

They might also want to get more film on Marshall. Since the game is "meaningless" for the standings coaches are going to look to get some film on backups when the opportunity presents itself.

No doubt although I think the plan will be fluid -subject to change as the game situation or maybe minor injuries occur.