DEPTH CHART game 14....Argos vs Cats

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fb/te-Deitrick returns from I.L. :slight_smile: - I'd rather see Delahunt, but at least this is something, especially with both starting OTs out.

rb/kr-Lawrence off roster completly(released?) :? - A little surprised that he would be cut, as I didn't think he was that horrible.

replaced by Banks on returns :slight_smile: - It'll be interesting to see if his highlight video was a good indication of what he can do. The guy definitely has speed, but so did Moore.

Simmons-ot on I.L. :cry: - Definitely not good.

Wojt moves over from guard to replace him at tackle :expressionless: - He did OK last week, but ....

Reinders as expected suits up for first time as reserve O.L. :expressionless: - Everyone's got to be in their first game with the team sometime, but I'd rather it be when we weren't playing so many others out of position on the line. But he's only a backup, assuming he dresses, so won't be a big impact. Might not even hit the field except on special teams.

Collins-wr makes debut this season :expressionless: - Not sure if he dresses or not. I guess that depends on which NIs end up on the reserve.

off of P.R. Lauther once again handling f.g for 3rd straight game. :? - I really hope he's worked out the kinks this week. He looked impressive his first game, but horrible last week.

only change on D-line is Richardson-de moved to I.L :expressionless: - Backup or reserve last week, IL this week. Not much impact.

L.B. sees Isaac get start in Murray spot :slight_smile: - I like the way Isaac plays. Very aggressive, and good sense of where to be.

Murray moves to Backfield... :slight_smile: - I prefer Murray at LB, but he's OK in the secondary.

...replacing Breaux(I.L.) :cry: - Hope he's not out for long.

backfield changes see Stephen return from I.L. at safety :smiley: - Really good to get him back on the field.

Bucknor moved to P.R. :expressionless: - I thought he had a lot of promise last year, but he seems to have slipped this year. So no surprise.

King returns to back-up role. :expressionless: - Good potential, but not at the same level as Stephen.

Dobson Collins will be dressing and starting for sure. We need some speed at the wide receiver position. If they dress Reinders, then they probably will be sitting Charbonneau-Campeau, leaving Stala in as the back-up. As for imports, either Marshall DE or Bussey LB will be dressing. I'm assuming it will be Marshall because they could use a back-up D-lineman more than a back-up LB.

...replacing Breaux(I.L.) :cry: - Hope he's not out for long.
Man this guy can not stay healthy. He plays great for a game, then sits out for one or two. Difficult for the secondary to build chemistry and cohesion like that.

Breaux has a nagging injury which will bother him for the rest of this season. Right now it looks like play one week, sit the next. As long as he is good to go in the playoffs, then I'm good with it.

According to the depth chart, Wojt is replacing Dile at RT and Dile moves to LT replacing Simmons.
Wojt is much better at guard than he is at tackle, and Dile is not a LT so with these guys playing out of position, I expect the Argos will do some business on the pass rush.
If you see Reinders getting any significant playing time at tackle, you'll know the OL is in trouble.

The O Line has been is trouble the entire season. The pass rush is successful through Hage, Wojt or around Dile. The Arblows should have a field day throught this adjustment. Chad Kakert will have a field day as well if Torrey Davis, Buckle can not stuff the run up the middle. Either way they will run him on sweeps past the linebackers. I predict an ugly BLOWOUT.

Compared the two teams' 46-man rosters for Game #1 (TOR 39 HAM 34 on June 28) and for this Game #14.

34 of Toronto's 46 this week, were among their 46 for Game #1 -- 19 on O, 13 on D, 2 on ST -- 74% the same
The equivalent number, for Hamilton, is only 21 -- 11 on O, 7 on D, 3 on ST -- 46% the same

Just to further elaborate on ottawacat's post:here is a breakdown of the 21 who were listed on the opening day game one roster vs Argos who are not dressed for the game #14 rematch tomorrow night.

11 players now on I.L.

9 Game I.L.


1 Game I.L


Released(no longer on team) 9 Players

LeBon-lb (B.Bombers)
Beaulieu-lb(Alouettes)(9 gm IL)
Peach-de (B.Bombers)
Hinds-db (Eskimos)

Practice Roster